5 Best Headphone AMP Under 100

5 Best Headphone AMP Under 100

If you already have a good set of headphones and want to make sure you’re getting every bit of performance out of them then you need a good headphone amplifier.

 A headphone amplifier is a low powered audio amplifier which is designed mainly to drive headphones worn on or in the ears instead of loudspeakers in speaker enclosures.

 Many other factors came into play while we were choosing the best headphone amps thus you should choose wisely.

Best Headphone AMP Under 100$

 So if you’re looking for one we can help you with some of the best in the business. Check out get more details about the latest products on the market.

5. Creative Sound Blaster E5

#5 Headphone AMP

  • SBX Pro Suite software allows 
  • connected to a laptop, PC
  • multiple connectivity options


The Indigo portable headphone amp offers dual headphone output Jack with smartphone support for making calls with CTIA headsets.

 It has a smooth rotating analog volume knob for easy operation and precise volume settings. Also, it provides a built-in battery that provides over eight hours of playback from just one charge.

 Besides it comes with an indicator light that keeps you up-to-date about the charge and uses status moreover the pH PA – 1 also adds in a two-level bass EQ to help dial in some extra kick.

 On the other hand, it offers up to 250 mill watts of our output and supports 16 – 150-ohm headphones.

 Another advantage is that it has a4-pole patch cable for use with your cell phone that is included.

4. Headphone Amplifier DAC Portable Amp

#4 Headphone AMP

  • Easy To Use
  • Support 16-600Ω Earphones
  • multiple connectivity options
  •  HiFi Audio USB Earphone


The next one is amplifier DAC portable AMP features an extremely clean amplifier circuit which produces a signal to noise ratio greater than 98 decibels.

 It accepts line-level audio input over the stereo RCA jacks on the back or headphone level through the optional ¼ TRS jack.

 Also, it has a switch on the back that allows you to choose a mono or stereo output besides. The amplifier is powered by the included 12v DC / 500 milliamp AC adapter.

 It features 46.35 millimeter amplified headphone outputs each with its independent volume control.

 On the other hand, it has a maximum output level of + 22 decibels and it offers a maximum gain of 20 decibels per channel.

3. Brainwavz AP001 Portable Headphone Amplifier

#3 Headphone AMP

  • convenient and easy to use
  • Bulletpoint-1.
  • 120 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Imported from the USA.


The Next one is Brainwavz Ap001 portable Headphone Amplifier comes with as leek and durable aluminum enclosure for dependable performance built-in lithium-ion battery for up to 6 hours of battery life.

 Also, it affords a powerful high-resolution audio experience through your headphones and it can decode a variety of high-res PCM audio file formats up to 192 kilohertz /24-bit form.

 Besides, it features a standard USB type a connection ideal for digital interconnectivity to compatible iOS and other devices.

 Moreover, it offers a high bandwidth TP a 6-1 to zero headphone amp which minimizes noise delivering more than 120 decibels of dynamic range.

 On the other hand, it has an internal asynchronous USB 2.0 clock that supports the highly accurate conversion of digital signals to analog sound.

2. Fiio E17K ALPEN 2 USB DAC Headphone Amplifier

#2 Headphone AMP

  • Highest audio quality
  •  Ultra-compact headphone amplifier
  • 3-Year Warranty Program
  • high-power amplifier sections


 The FIIO E17k is a portable headphone amplifier and digital to analog converter. It has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery and USB charger which allows you to charge on your PC with a USB adapter.

 Also, it has fewer buttons on the front and offers a new multifunctional wheel the response to both turns and clicks providing an intuitive agile control replacing many switches from the older model.

 Besides, it offers a standard micro USB interface that enables you to connect with PC to make the digital audio transfer possible and to make battery charge possible.

 Moreover, it processes a higher signal-to-noise ratio lowering distortion and more linear digital-analog conversion characteristics.

1. FiiO E10K USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier

#1 Headphone AMP

  • Highest audio quality
  • Handles PCM Files up to 24-bit/96 kHz
  • Front-Panel 1/8″ Headphone Output
  • Selectable Bass Boost


In that first place among the list of best headphone amps, we have the FIIO E10K USB DAC & Headphone Amplifier.

 It comes with an all aluminum-alloy body and chassis of the amplifier shields against electromagnetic interference and the built-in rechargeable 1,400 milliamp-hour battery.

 Provides approximately 16 hours of operation on a four-hour charge via a mini USB port.

 Also, it features a one-eighth inch stereo auxiliary input and a one-eighth inch stereo headphone output.

 Besides it has fully discrete bass boost the circuit increases output by 3.5 decibels sat 60 Hertz with bypass went off.

 Moreover, it provides superior sound quality through expertly selected components and design utilizing OPA 1642 preamp and AD 8397 amp section.

Why do I need a headphone amp?

If your audience audio or you’re just getting started you may have heard how big of a difference amps can make.

 but does it really unlock a world of music you’re missing out on well not exactly, in fact, you might not even need one.

 But here’s some tools that can help you find out so I’m not going to get super technical but for the most part there are 2 things we need to remember impedance and sensitivity.

 Now generally the higher impedance a headphone has the more voltage it needs and the lower sensitivity a headphone has the more current it needs

And while in many cases you might be able to actually make your headphones loud enough they may not actually be properly driven.

 And as a result, won’t perform as well as they can and plot my notes for this part because there’s a lot of numbers.

 let’s take the high from an he6 for example the headphone has an impedance of 50 ohms so you would think with low impedance like that it would be relatively easy to drive right!

 Wrong he6 is actually notoriously hard to drive with a sensitivity of 83.5 decibels.

 High frem actually recommends pairing these headphones with an amp that pushes 5 watts per side at 50 ohms that’s a lot of power let’s look at another example in the Sennheiser HD 650.

 Now, these have a much higher impedance of 300 ohms but do their higher sensitivity of a hundred and three decibels they’re significantly easier to drive than headphones like ag6.

 Now with these, you still need an amp but only with a fraction of the power and for one more example let’s look at the Sony MDR 1a.

 Their impedance is only24 ohm X and their sensitivity is relatively easy at a hundred and five decibels.

 The combination of their low impedance and high sensitivity means they can be very easily driven even off a cell phone.

 Now just because your headphones are easy to power it doesn’t mean that the amp built into your devices isn’t limiting their performance.

A lot of times these amps will add distortion especially as the volume is increased and will have much higher noise floors that can actually bleed into our audible spectrum.

 so depending on how good your headphones are you may need an amp just to benefit from the clean power and the same actually goes for Dax but we’ll get into those another day.


So hopefully you can use some of this information to help decide whether or not you need a headphone amp.\

 And as always guys thanks for reading if you want to the site or get early access to my reviews you can check out the patron linked in the article.

  Wednesday so make sure you stick around for that and as always I’ll see you with the next one guys.

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