10 Best LoudSpeakers HiFi Speakers of all time In 2020 (Part – 2)

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10 Best LoudSpeakers HiFi Speakers of all time In 2020 (Part – 2)

Everybody welcome back and welcome to another fabulous day to everyone that is new to this site my name is David.

And I just want to say welcome to this site and welcome to one of the articles that we do here in my office.

Kind of regularly now since they’ve turned out to be really popular and I thought today would be a lot of fun seeing as how it’s Monday we’re kicking off the new week and to get a discussion started.

Best LoudSpeakers HiFi Speakers of all time In 2020

Because today we will be breaking down my ten best loudspeakers of all time this list is in no particular order and it is meant to be fun.

It is meant to spark conversation and to see what your lists are down in the comments below let’s not hesitate let’s not delay things anymore these are my ten best loudspeakers of all time according to me.

This article basically divided in 2 parts. And this is part no 2 if you want to check out the first part then you can check out here.


Best LoudSpeakers 

  • Highest audio quality
  • reflex-loaded 
  • loudspeakers
  • 3 Hours of Playtime
  • Frequency response


Next up we have Bowers & Wilkins 802Diamond in this I know there are new 802s there’s a new 800 series on a whole I am talking about the original 800 series specifically the 802 diamond.

And the reason I’m talking about this loudspeaker is that if I owned it was a bucket list speaker for me I had wanted this loudspeaker this series of loudspeakers for probably20 years.

And I obtained it shortly before having to move from Los Angeles and I lived with this lad speaker as my daily driver and my personal reference for Kosh going on about 5 years.

And absolutely loved every freak in second of ownership with that speaker it is phenomenal it made everything sound good yes it was a little bit difficult to drive.

But kind of like the JBL l/100this is the iconic series of loudspeakers that Bowers and Wilkins are known for and I do think that when they introduced the diamond series of the 800series.

Especially the 802 they just took that already great loudspeaker into the stratosphere and I have yet to run into someone.

that either demo them in my house or have had any experience with the 802 diamond of their own during that era walk away with anything less than praise it was just it’s a phenomenal loudspeaker big loudspeaker expensive loudspeaker, but a phenomenal loudspeaker all the same.

7. Logitech S120 2.0 Stereo Speakers

wireless speakers

  • Highest audio quality
  • Battery Life
  • too much space.
  • easily adjusting volume.


The next one and this one is kind of a bit of a dark horse but I have to put Logitech S120 2.0 Stereo Speakers on this list of the top ten loudspeakers of all time according to me.

Because pre-Tecton Pendragon if you wanted super high-efficiency dynamics but also wanted a more traditional driver loudspeaker design that is to say tweeters cones you know things like that.

There weren’t really a lot of options and there weren’t really a lot of really successful designs if you wanted a traditional non-horn loaded speaker you tended to have to deal with loudspeakers.

That had high 80s low 90s sensitivity ratings which meant you needed a lot of amplifier power which meant without the right amplifiers they didn’t quite come alive until you really pushed them so on and so forth.

But if you didn’t want a horn-loaded loudspeaker that you found maybe too fatiguing or too thin or bright or whatever you want to call it for your taste.

There wasn’t something that was kind of Goldilocks right down the middle that was easy to drive affordable and just the business until the Tekton Pendragon arrived on the scene.

And the Pendragon wasn’t even tech towns first loudspeaker it was just one that kind of shook the industry myself included to its very core.

Because for I think it was $2,000 at that time the price has since gone down but for $2,000 you truly got a world-class Giant Killer.

And I have owned multiple pairs of pendragons over the years and I don’t know if there was if there has been any other loudspeaker that has served as my personal reference for longer than the Pendragon.

Because it was such a great loudspeaker to not only enjoy all types of music with at all sorts of volumes including ones that were dangerously high.

But it was also a loudspeaker with which it was very easy to evaluate other components due to its rail or higher than normal efficiency.

And it just it is still I think arguably one of Tekton best loudspeaker designs I know they have the double impact I know they have the Moab now.

And I have to say I have not personally spent any real time with either one of those designs so take this with a grain of salt.

But for me it just the Pendragon has to be kind of what really helped to put tacked on more on the map or solidify them as a legitimate threat and it is one of my 10 best loudspeakers of all time.


booster speaker

  • Amplifier
  • Frequency Range
  • Maximum Loudness
  • Bass Capability.
  • Advanced Sound Features.


This next one is more of a series because I honestly couldn’t make up my mind which I thought was best.

 And of course, that means I am talking about none other than Bang & Olufsen be a blouse speaker series now I know the Bob loudspeaker series stretches decades.

So I’m going to Whittle it down to the Beo lab series that was circa in the90s we’re talking – you’ll have six thousand four thousand eight thousand culminating in the Beo lab one.

For me no loudspeaker had more of an impact on my thinking about loudspeakers my thinking about hi-fi then Bang & Olufsen and specifically the Bang & Olufsen Beo lab series.

Prior to wandering into my first Bang and Olufsen store in Cherry Creek Colorado in like 1995 I didn’t know loudspeakers could possess that level of design.

Moreover, I had never God’s honest truth I wasn’t working in the industry I was only 16 at the time.

but I didn’t know about powered loudspeakers I really didn’t I didn’t know powered loudspeakers were kind of a thing I didn’t know loudspeakers and general could look the way the Bo Labs did.

and then on top of it, I didn’t know speakers could sound like that and so here I was in a store with two speakers and a CD player or two speakers and of this or to speak and it was just like where’s all the gear where is all the gear.

And the fact that it just continues to blow my mind and there are still things that those speakers did back in the mid to early 90s that loudspeakers today fail to do.

They still possess to this day technology that companies are just now bringing to market in their powered loudspeakers and expecting us all to be wowed and amazed.

When Bang & Olufsen has been doing it since the 80s and 90s that is how influential these particular speakers were and why they make my list is one of the 10 best loudspeakers of all time.

9. Pyle PSUFM1035A 1000W Disco Jam Powered Two

jam Speaker Systems

  • Highest audio quality
  • Bluetooth Wireless Streaming
  •  Piezo Tweeters.
  • Card Readers
  • USB Charging Port 


Next on this list is the Pyle PSUFM1035A 1000W Disco Jam Powered Two I’m talking about the very first one I know there are multiple generations there that have come after it but I am talking about the Wilson audio Sophia version one.

And I picked the Sophia over the watt puppy and I know on a lot of these 10 best lists watt puppies always make the list.

I’m picking the Sophia over the watt puppy because in my humble opinion having demoed lived with both the Sophia is the better speaker all-round.

It’s not as expensive it’s not as complicated to set up it is a smaller footprint it is finished equally as well.

And honestly from a distance of like three or more feet in it to the uninitiated it kind of looks just like a watt puppies.

The Sophia is just one of the finest loudspeakers I’ve ever heard and I know I can recall countless times that one of my best friends and I would lighter at a hi-fi shop during our college years.

and just Park our asses in front of this shop pair of white Sophia’s connected to a Krell ka Integrated lifestyle kind of integrate damp and CD player combo and we would play CD after CD after CD.

and just grinning like idiots and like you know shaking each other like can you believe do you hear that that’s oh that’s amazing and this Sophia was responsible for that.

Because we would take those same CDs our that entire shop I believe was in Orange County and we just did not get that same experience we did not have that same reaction.

And so that is why the Wilson audios Sophia version ones are one of my ten best loudspeakers of all time.


Speaker System

  • Highest audio quality
  •  low-frequency effects
  • Acoustimass Bass Technology
  • Powerful bass
  • easy setup


Number 10 has to be the Bose Acoustimass series of home theater or loudspeaker products.

I can feel some of you firing up your fingers right now for the comment section but I have to tell you when I was 10 or 11 years old my uncle had a home theater in his living room that is to say that he had I think at 32 inch Sony Trinitron TV.

And he had five of these acoustic ass modules around his living room and the subwoofer over back behind his couch.

And we used to read movies specifically when my parents weren’t around r-rated films through this series and there have been many of and damn many a Chuck Norris many a just 80s action movie pumped through this type of a speaker system.

and it arguably began my journey in hi-fi at the age of nine or ten years old and as I had grown up and as I have moved through this industry everyone I run into has some kind of Beau’s story everyone has some kind of memory or remembers having these acoustic mass series loudspeakers in their home whether it be.

Because they’re their mom’s really liked them or they were their first experience with home theater.

Because they fit into a living room it doesn’t matter the truth is that for a lot of people the acoustic series was and continues to be the only viable home theater solution.

Speaker solution I should say that is available to them or that they will even accept and that doesn’t make them bad or wrong I want to stress that it doesn’t make them bad or wrong.

But it doesn’t it just shows you the importance of a loudspeaker like Debose acousto mass series has been forming any people – thews lasts and non-hi-fienthusiasts alike over the years.


so that’s it that is my 10 best loudspeakers of all time according to me what do you guys think what do you guys think how did I do.

So if you want to check out the first part of this article then you can check out here.

 Because honestly I do think these lists as entertaining as they are also very helpful for people because you maybe writing something down.

Or I may have said something in this article that someone hasn’t heard of before and so at the very least they make Google it fall down a rabbit hole.

And find their dream loudspeaker whether that loudspeaker be something as esoteric or high-end is Wilson audio Sophia or a paradigm Adam so please but tell me what you think of this article.

But write down your list in the comments below and let’s just see how many we can get going here I think you guys all so much for reading welcome again to everyone that has found.

I hope you find this site engaging informative and helpful and to all of my oh geez to all of you who have been reading since the beginning you guys Rock you just do thank you so much I appreciate.

so that’s it I’m going to go make some coffee maybe make some breakfast and just remember guys just remember the only person that has to like the sound of your system is you so happy listening everybody thank you so much for reading and until next time we’ll see you on the next article bye

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