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Thankfully you don’t have to break the bank to find a decent soundbar that can make watching TV or movies more exciting but with so many choices out there it is not always easy to figure out which one is best for you.

In this article we’re breaking down the best three budget soundbars on the market this year based on price features style and situations they will be used in.

Best Soundbar Under 100$

So whether you’re looking for a great value soundbar or one loaded with smart features we’ll have an option for you.

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best portable budget soundbar

  • Highest audio quality
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  •  DSP technology.


arting off we have the NS 300 soundbar our pick for the best portable budget soundbar,

If you’re looking for a soundbar that delivers big but at a small price then the NS 300 is one of the best budget soundbars you can get for under $50.

It’s a sleek and compact soundbar with a premium feeling front grille and the control buttons are very responsive the 2 5 watt speakers are quite impressive given its price tag and you’ll find the sound surprisingly immersive.

The 3d surround produces rich and thick base with resonating presence the mid sound dynamic and the trebles are quite clear.

The sound from the NS300 will be a major step up from the built-in speakers from your TV and you’ll definitely notice the difference when you are reading movies.

One of the big selling points for the NS 300 soundbar is its versatility its thin and compact size makes it easy and convenient to take to parties and events and gives you several ways to connect including Bluetooth.

And unlike the other soundbars in this article, the NS 300 also comes with a built-in battery so you get up to 5 hours of unplugged playtime your backyard barbecues will rock.

Another great feature on the MS 300 that you won’t find from any on our list is its built-in FM radio, it’s a nice added feature making this soundbar ideal to keep it a cottage or anywhere you might not have Wi-Fi to stream spottily.

The NS300 also comes with a card reader so you can keep your favorite songs on a micro SD perfect 4 times when you can’t stream from your phone it also features a built-in microphone and when connected to your phone supports hands-free calling.

The NS 300is stylish to complement any living room or home theater room yet it’s compact to make it completely versatile to take on the road.

The great sound quality and additional features at such an affordable price makes it one of the best budget soundbars you can buy.

2. VIZIO SB36512-F6

budget soundbar system

  • Highest audio quality
  • Sound intensity.
  • Battery Life
  • new Outdoor Boost.


Next is the Vizio SB 365 12 – f6 renewed our pick for the best 5.1 Atmos budget soundbar system.

If you’ve been wanting the suite object-based surround effects of Atmos but you didn’t want to set up Ana/v receiver and a roomful of speakers.

The Vizio SB 365 12 – f6 will be music to your ears and at under 270 $ with Amazon renewed pricing the SB 36512 – f6 which normally retails for $400 presents an even greater value.

This vizio proves you don’t need to spend at on to get a high-quality soundbar that can handle the latest 5.1 Dolby Atmos soundtracks.

and is one of the least expensive ways you can get a Dolby Atmos into your home, it’s compact design includes a pair of dedicated rear speakers and a wireless subwoofer with a ported six-inch woofer.

At the top of the bar is a pair of upward-firing height speakers designed to be matte most effects off your ceiling and down into the room and if needed the 36-inch wide soundbar is also wall-mountable at the rear.

The soundbar and subwoofers blend is excellent the front to rear site speakers put you right inside the sound mix this system plays loud and with greater ease than most affordable soundbars.

But of course, a decent AV receiver with larger speakers will still outpunch any soundbar with that said for the SP 365 12 sizes and price you will have no complaints with its home theater audio.

You will also find the number of inputs onboard exceeds many competitors and includes HDMI in and out with arc coaxial optical USB and a three-and-a-half millimeter analog input Jack.

Wireless connections include Wi-Fi Bluetooth and chrome cast which are conveniently built-in.

This vizio is an affordable full five-point one point to immersive audio system for the price of an AV receiver.

And a tight site does a solid job of bringing out effects plus if you get it as a renewed option from Amazon it presents a 30%cost savings that you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.


best smart budget soundbar

  • Clear voice 
  •  ethernet
  • Wireless subwoofer
  • supports both 4K 
  • Pool Party Proof.


Lastly is the Yamaha audio YAS -209 BL our pick for the best smart budget soundbar.

Yamaha has a track record of producing excellent lower price soundbars and at under 350$ the Yamaha YAS – 209 is no exception and makes our list as not only one of the best budget soundbars around but it’s also smart Alexa smart.

The Yamaha YAS – 209 BL has a few standout features that put it ahead of its price class.

First of all the soundbar design itself is nice and thin but the sound you get doesn’t sound thin at all thanks in part two its very large wireless subwoofer that seriously boosts its low-end sounds?

While many soundbars try to find a way to shrink the sub this one will definitely take up some space in your room.

But the better bass you get from it is well worth it’s larger footprint the main unit includes 4 1.75 inch drivers and 2 one-inch tweeters.

And overall sound delivery is very good dialogue has excellent resonance once again thanks to the subwoofer and you’ll get a pretty nice wide sound when you use it in the DTS virtual x 3d surround mode.

It isn’t quite as encompassing as the Visio SB365 12 – f6 but it delivers a more powerful sound, the second standout feature is that the YAS- 209 is smart, and by that we mean a Lexus Mart.

Yamaha has built Alexa right into the soundbar so you can ask Alexa to change the volume as well as use the soundbar as your smart assistant.

The soundbar sounds great as the speaker for your smart assistant much better than an echo dot and the best part is Alexa even works when the soundbar is powered off.

If you’re looking for a soundbar in this price range the Yamaha YAS – 209 is one of the best soundbars available especially if you like your tech smart.

This soundbar delivers all-around solid performance and is most definitely one of the best budget soundbar choices out there and as one of the smartest.


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