5 Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds under $50 In 2020

5 Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds under $50 In 2020

So hey Guys what’s going on this is David and welcome bake to another article. here you read 5 Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds under 50$

Now in the past, we brought lots and lots of audio reviews on all kinds of different stuff from headphones speaker’s microphones all kinds of crazy stuff.

Now, most of the headphones that we brought to the table have been usually very very budget-conscious.

because we know that people don’t like to spend a lot of money they’d like to get something if they lose it they don’t want to be like oh my god you know I just lost my but like losing you know this item.

So a lot of stuff that we focus on is very budget oriented but the last ones that we did I thought the headphones centered pretty good the features were okay.

But that’s like I said that kind of really just sums it up they were oh okay, so I wanted to actually get five sets in here that I thought were much better quality headphones.

Now we’re going to take a look at five of them today each one of these headphones is actually under $50 they start at $35 and go to about $50.

5 Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds under 50$

Now a lot of things about these headphones are similar now I admit when I was buying these headphones I was trying to get headphones that were similar.

But in the end, we actually got them all in and we started doing we found they were actually very very similar.

Now one thing about all five of these headphones I got all five is right in these little boxes right here in front of me they all have very very similar things about them.For one thing, every single one of these sets of headphones is Bluetooth 5.0 all of my Bluetooth 5.0 all of them come with the charging box and you charge your headphones inside the box they all come with a USB cable.

And honestly, as far as just sheer like sound goes I don’t know if I would really say that any one of these particular headphones actually you know stands out as being so much superior to the other.

the main thing that separates these five different headphones are basically the specs the warranty and that type of stuff but just as far as audio sound goes very very close.

So with that said though let’s jump in let’s take a look at these five and see why at the end of the day you might want to consider these especially if you’re somebody who works out goes to the gym does a lot of heavy exercise.

Another thing I believe that every single one of these as they all have like some kind of like sweat proof or water type proof resistant things.

So if you’re in the gym and you’re sweating you’re not going to ruin these products but with that said though let’s take a closer look.

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Wireless  EARBUDS

  • Highest audio quality
  • PX7 waterproof
  • noise and echo
  • 10 Hours of Playtime


Now, these particular products come with two different sized ear tips so no matter what size ears that you have they’ll be able to fit your is that a problem.

The case has a battery capacity of 650 mill our amps it takes two hours to recharge this particular product.

It has an ipx7 rating 6-millimeter dynamic speakers it’s got a built-in mic for both earbuds and you get up to five hours of playtime on one charge and up to forty hours with the case.

Now, these things also work right out of the box that are automatically connected to each other and to your last Bluetooth device used.

they feature a button-less design just tap on the earbud to function double-tap either earbud to play pause and answer calls tap your right ear but three times for next track and the left ear but three times for previous track.

Now for me this particular product felt very snug in my ear it’s slightly uncomfortable but not unbearable it doesn’t feel like they would hold on with stimulus activity like mountain biking or something like that but if you’re running jogging or working out at the gym.

They actually worked pretty good they have a nice stereo sound they’re not too bassy they have good highs and lows and the EQ is pretty even.

Over the only caveat is it really doesn’t get too loud which might be good for some people because it means you won’t blow your ears out.

One nice thing about this particular product is it does have an 18 month extended warranty and a 60-day free return when you register the earbuds.

So if you don’t like them you can return without a problem and they come to market at about $40.99.

2. MPOW 

wireless EARBUDS

  • Highest audio quality
  • aptX-HD Bass
  • Battery Life 12Hrs
  •  Bluetooth 5.0 


Now next up we have the mpow bh32 to once again true wireless headphones and also the cost on these is exactly the same the headphones we just looked at a minute ago at $44.99.

Like I said previously all these headphones have Bluetooth 5.0 this particular headphone can be used up to 49 feet away from whatever your source you’re using.

it has up to 7 hours of music played on the charging times for the earbuds is 1.5hours and the charging time for the case is 2 to 3 hours.

Now one thing that’s pretty cool though is if you have the case fully charged up you can actually get seven more recharges out of the case before you actually have to replug in and replenish that juice.

Now there’s also a built-in mic for both earbuds this is great for you’re going to be answering our phone and stuff like that.

Now the sound inside of these headphones is called optic HD sound and it’s kind of interesting.

now they claim that that’s equipped with high professional CSR support and like I said before if you’re at the gym and stuff like that it does have an IP x7 rating.

So if they do get wet or anything like that out in the rain you don’t have to worry about it.

Just like pretty much all the headphones that we’re going to be looking at today these work right out of the box they automatically connect to each other and the last Bluetooth device used.

They feature a single multifunction button on each year but a single click for both earbuds to play pause and answer calls you double click the right earbud for next track and left you but for the previous track.

Now one thing I have to say though is that these earbuds definitely feel more secure in my ear than the taotronics they are super light and they don’t make my ears feel sore anything even after extended use.

I still know if I’d really recommend these headphones for high-intensity activity but like I said running gym workouts other stuff like that it’s totally good.

Now there is no volume option however on the earbuds all the volume is actually controlled from the source device.

Now as far as just plain sound goes these headphones are slightly heavy on the mids and lows.

There is a little bit more bass in the other headphones but it’s not totally unbearable if you like electronic music and like heavy bass that you might definitely want to consider the impalas.

one thing about them pals that I found a little bit kind of strange though is that I couldn’t find any warranty information on them, so I’m wondering Amazon give the warranty.


Wireless EARBUDS

  • 3D Stereo Sound
  • Letsfit Bluetooth 5.0
  • 20H Playtime 
  • Portable Charging Case
  • Pool Party Proof.


Nether let’s fit D3 to true wireless earbuds these are a little bit less expensive than the other two we looked at these are only thirty-seven ninety-nine.

They come with a 12-month warranty and a45-day return policy which I think is pretty good.

now, these are also bluetooth5.0 up to 33 feet of distance now instead of having an IP x7 rating though these have an IP x5 rating.

The earbud charging time is 1.5 hours the case charging time is one hour you get about3.5 hours of talk time and playtime and about 20 hours of use with the case.

Now the earbud battery capacity is 60milliamp hours and the case battery capacity is 500 milliamp hours just like all the other headphones these also have a built-in mic for both earbuds.

But these headphones feature a 5. 8-millimeter dynamic speaker just like all the others they work right out of the box and automatic hood connects to each other or whatever Bluetooth device was used before.

They also feature a single multi-feature button on each year but a single click for both earbuds to play pause and answer calls press and hold right here.

 But for next track and it’s the same with the left earbud for the previous track and you press twice for the volume up and down.

Now, this particular design makes it feel more secure in your ear now these are perfect for hiking or gym workouts the volume doesn’t get really that loud.

And it does favor mid-range a bit but it has a pretty strong bass sound without being really overwhelming.

Overall I think the sound is really good for any type of music especially though if it’s bass heavy music.



  • Highest quality
  • Charging Time: 1.5 hours
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Battery Capacity: 45mAh
  • Loud full sound


Now this next set of headphones you’re going to say to yourself boy I’ll work those headphones looking awfully a lot like the other ones we just looked at and you’d be correct.

Because the sound beats true wireless earbuds these look a lot like the Plantronics headphones.

They have Bluetooth 5.0 up to 33 feet you get four hours of talking playtime 24 hours of playtime with the case which is about 5recharges.

the charging time for each year but it’s about 1.5 hours the case charging time is 2.5 hours the earbud battery capacity is 43 milliamp hours and the battery capacity is 650 milliamp hours.

Now the IPX rating is a little bit different though the IPX rating is only IP x5 on these ones the taotronics it wasipx7.

Now, these do have a 12-month warranty and like all, they work right out of the box now the only real difference between B’s and the taotronics hour is the way that they’re controlled.

They feature a button-less design you just tap on the earbud to function you double-tap to play pause and answer calls tap and hold the right ear.

But the next track and you do the same on the left ear but for the previous track like always got a built-in mic for both earbuds.

Now, this particular headset however uses a professional real tec chipset and a biological diaphragm for superior sound.

Now you might be thinking yourself what the heck is a biological diaphragm well the sound that’s being produced by your body is actually being produced from your diaphragm you’re pushing that stuff out it makes a sound.

So when they’re talking about a biological diaphragm it just means that it’s made more like a natural type of thing.

Now even though these headphones do fit in your ear pretty nicely and they’re not really uncomfortable I wouldn’t really recommend heavy intense activity because they do have a tendency to kind of fall out of your ear if you get too crazy.

They fit snug and they’re only slightly uncomfortable I mean if you’re wearing something inside your ear for hours and hours on end.

I think that pretty much anything eventually is going to become uncomfortable but these aren’t unbearable.

Now the worst thing really about these is you can’t change the volume there’s no volume direction the guide nor any combination or touches or effects playing simply if you want to change the volume you’re going to have to do it through the source device.

now as far as the sound goes the EQ on these particular headphones sounds pretty even throughout everything they have clear highs good meds and the lows are pretty strong but they’re not tubed AC whatsoever.

So if you listen like rock music pop music that kind of stuff I think these headphones really sound good and that type of music.

For the electronic music and stuff that has really heavy bass you might want to consider some of the others that we talked about today and the price of these particular headphones is about$39.99.



  • Highest audio quality
  • Portable Charging Case
  • Battery life: Up to 20 hours
  • aptX-HD Bass
  • Battery Life 12Hrs


Now last but not least we have the Exmouth v5 wireless earbuds like I said before all of these are bluetooth5.0.

Once again these are Bluetooth 5.0 up to 33 feet that kind of seems like it’s the average I think there was one set of headphones that had it a little bit farther but it seems like the average is about 33 feet for the Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

Now each earbud battery has 65 milliamp hours each the charging time for each earbud is one hour and the case battery is 500 milliamp hours.

And this is pretty much the same on all these headphones I think that only one of them had a stronger case battery of 650ml amp hours.

Now it takes two to three hours to charge up the case but once you charge up the case you can actually use the case for multiple charges to the headphones.

so you don’t have to worry about it you just charge up the case go on the go and you can charge them up many times until you act right to recharge the case itself.

And if for some reason you don’t want to use the charging case to charge your headphones it also comes with a little USB adapter that you can charge each headphone individually.

Now one thing different about the charging box and this is different than all the other headphones that we’ve looked at today is this particular box actually has an on or off switch.

Once the headphones are actually charged up you get six hours of talk and playtime but you get up to 26 hours with recharges using the case itself before you need more power.

Like all the headphones we’ve looked at today, these have a built-in mic for both earbuds and they work right out of the box.

Now to control these headphones they feature a single multifunction button on each earbud now they feature a single click on both earbuds to play pause and answer calls double click for BA and control upon right and volume down on left now you triple-click for the next and previous tracks right for next and left for previous.

These headphones actually feel really secure in your ear out of all these headphones if you’re going to go running and doing stuff that involved a lot of serious activity I would say that these will probably stay in your ears the best out of all of these.

They have a really nice even EQ good clear sound they didn’t have anything overwhelming like not too high of a not too high of anything really everything just sounded right in the middle.

and they sounded good with pretty much all types of music you get a one-month money-back guarantee in case you don’t like them and a 12-month replacement warranty and best of all they’re only $35.9.

Alright so there you have it five different sets of headphones and like I said many of the features about all of these headphones were identical.

Now I personally if I was going to choose one out of all of them it would be the very last set that we took a look at and the reason is that.

I think the price at $35.99 is a good price these particular headphones like I said they stayed in my ear so you know if I’m bouncing around or doing stuff they didn’t feel like they’re going to fall out of my ear and get lost to the gym or get broken I like that.

the fact there’s not too much base too many mitts too much anything makes it a good set of headphones for all the different types of music like we said some of these headphones like the sound beats and stuff some of these headphones have a lot more bass on them.

So if you’re into like electronic music or pop or stuff that like you know has that real booming bass type stuff some of the other headphones in there might be better for you.

I happen to be a person I listen to a lot of like 80s music and rock and NuWave and that type of stuff and I thought that these overall just sounded best for that type of music.

also like I said the price isn’t bad the features and all of these are pretty similar like I said you heard the differences as far as the control goes that are all pretty easy to control.

I’m not really you know the greatest fan of not having volume control it all in your headphones I mean it’s not the end of the world.

But I mean if you’re at the gym and you’re running and someone’s trying to talk to your whatever you don’t really don’t have to stop you know to get off and get your device.

and adjust the volume on your you know you’re the playing device in order to turn the volume down that’s just kind of a pain in the butt you know you want something that’s going to be very simplistic.

so for me the ones we control everything and the headphones which means you control the ball and you control everything those would be the ones that me personally I would pick first.

Now like usual, all these particular headphones will be down below just to let you know Amazon’s prime date will be tomorrow


You’d still be buying the same stuff that you’d be buying in any case so it’s really not going out of your way whatsoever.

So if you want to check out headphones like these or some more we will have the links down below for you to check them out.

Once again thank you guys for reading new stuff coming up this week so stay tuned.

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