Top 5 Bluetooth Portable Speakers Under 100$

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Bluetooth Portable Speakers under 100$

So hey guys once again welcome back to another brand new article.  In this article, I am going to discuss the top 5 high quality very affordable very good sound quality portable Bluetooth speakers.

In my list, I add server types of speaker starting rang of those speakers is $20 to $100 Bluetooth speaker.  

Also, we will discuss all of the things of each and every speaker.  As well as those all speakers are well rated and Amazon one of the best selling speakers in their budget range.

Also, I make sure whenever I pick all of those speakers that those speakers are heavy good quality reviews as well as on my website you can find all of those speakers one by one review.

If you want to know more about the speaker then you can check it out I will link down the below.

So, guys, I am David and I am here to make you Purchase Decision and as usual, I put my affiliate link below of all of those speakers.  If you buy from my link then I get a few percentages Commission.

And also those links help you to get the current price of those speakers because we never know when the Amazon sale coming out. 

so without any further ADO let’s get into the article.

A few days Ago I share Best Bluetooth Speaker Under 50$

1. OontZ Angle 3 (3rd Gen) - Bluetooth Portable Speaker

So guys in my list the first portable Bluetooth speaker is OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth speaker.  First of all the main reason to choose this is required in my list number one that is the price of this Bluetooth speaker

And in this price, this Bluetooth speaker gives you are amazing features, and as well as Bluetooth speaker gets over 55030 preview which is available on Amazon.  

If you want then you can check it out.  This is a specific speaker is really cheap and very good quality.

As well as this is speaker comes with waterproof technology which is ipx5.  So this is another great part of this is speaker.

Physical Overview

The physical overview of the speaker is really good quality the side business is made with plastic and the sound quality also good

if you can find all of those Sports this is speaker basically I talked about the black variant if you want then you can find another top three types of a variant of this speaker.

Now you have a question that if there are many types of variants available then why you choose this Blackberry and right.

To be honest I personally love the black one and another most important reason is the black one Sheep other than The Other colors that’s why this is another reason to choose this black one.

Buttery Life

Now comes in the battery life, to be honest, and I personally use this speaker then I find around 7 to 8 hours of battery life 

But eventually, when I use this speaker after two to three months I notice the battery life is going down so this was around 4 to 5 hours for 5 to 6 hours, Max.

but here is one thing also my cousin’s brother purchase this speaker and he will get around 7 plus battery life and it was around 3 months long at the same time I get around 6 battery life so it will vary 1 to 2 hours I will share my personal experience with you.

Sound Quality

 The sound quality of the speaker is really good quality according to the budget I didn’t find bad noise behind this audio 

And the speaker is really good quality material and very easy to use all of the buttons all of the things which you need to a Bluetooth speaker for presented on the front of the speaker.


  1.  very much affordable
  2.  comes with waterproof  features
  3.  very good sound quality
  4. Amazon one of the best selling Bluetooth speaker
  5.  very easy to use
  6.  good quality according to the budget
  7.  Bluetooth connectivity is good enough 


  1.  after 3-5 month uses I find the battery life little decrease
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In my second list the Bluetooth speaker is JBL Flip 4 this is another well-known Bluetooth speaker from a well-known brand. 

 First of all, I didn’t find any type of issue with this speaker I find all of the positive things but in my personal experience all of those things I will discuss with you.

 To be honest the price range of these Bluetooth speakers is more than the previous one.  and this property Bullet Bluetooth speaker gets over 28000 positive reviews.

 Also, this is speaker comes with waterproof technology which is based on ipx7 waterproof Technology.

Can connect multiple devices at a time with this JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth speaker.

Physical Overview

The physical of a view is really bored this is speaker comes with the very good build quality and very beautiful looking is gives you are a premium feel when you pick up on your hand.

 This Bluetooth speaker is very lightweight and very easy to carry.

Buttery Life

 The battery life also so good to be honest when I use this specific particular speaker then I find around 8 hours to 9 hours battery life 

But 2 in the Amazon between told us that this speaker gets over 12 hours of battery life.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get but it will survive 9 hours 30 to 40 minutes approx.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of this speaker is the top notch story on as according to the price the sound quality is very good.


  1.  Affordable
  2.  very easy to use
  3.  very lightweight
  4.  this is the speaker gives your opinion field on your hand
  5.  pumps with ip67 waterproof Technology
  6.  you can connect with multiple devices at a time


  1.  didn’t find and cons 
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3. Anker Soundcore Mini

In my list III, Bluetooth speaker is Anker soundcore mini first of the entire speaker is so much affordable with very high quality of features.  This is the only 1 reason to add my list.

This is speaker gets over 27000 plus positive reviews and ratings which is available on Amazon.

Another great thing about this is this is speaker comes with a 3 month warranty period.

And this is speaker has the micro USB card support and aux capability.

Physical Overview

 The physical features off Bluetooth speaker are this Bluetooth speaker made with plastic but it really gives you a premium field according to the budget

and as well as this is the speaker has a five-word driver and SD card supportable option and also this is speaker commerce with Bluetooth 4.0 Technology, yeah I know it is a little bit of old but trust me this was really good.

Buttery Life

 Battery life is another most important part of this is the speaker trusts me I dedicate a Tennis battery life I don’t know why it was cheap.

as well as it will give you an hour 3 hours battery life but yah truth is the truth I get offer 3 hours plus battery life because off because of it’s a little bit small or something like that.

Sound Quality

 Sound quality is insane I find a really good and loud sound from this Bluetooth speaker.


  1.  very much affordable
  2.  very easy to use
  3.  very lightweight
  4.  comes with Bluetooth 4.0
  5.  comes with 18 month warranty period 


  1.  To be honest I didn’t find any types off consecrating to the budget
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DOSS SoundBox Touch Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

In my list IV, Bluetooth speaker is a DOSS sandbox portable wireless Bluetooth speaker.  to be honest I love this is speaker because of the looks of this speaker.

This is speaker comes with a top touchpad and very colorful combination which gives you a very good premium quality fail.

This speaker is a 12-w speaker.  And you’re one more thing that is if you go to wear this LinkedIn you can get a discount coupon code.

This is Bluetooth speakers really so cheap but the performance the looking the style all of those are top-notch.

Also, this is speaker comes with 22000 plus positive reviews and ratings which is insane.

Physical Overview

Physical overview of this laptop is really good the build quality is awesome according to the budget.  It gives you are really premium and very lightweight.

Battery Life

 The battery life of this DOS Bluetooth speaker is a little lower I think this is for the touchpad but this speaker gives me around 8 hours battery life and it’s pretty good according to the project.

Sound Quality

 The sound quality of this speaker is good enough sound is much louder and very high-quality sound comfort will what is the sound you can get good quality Bass with this sound.


  1.  very much affordable
  2.  premium build quality
  3.  premium looking Bluetooth speaker
  4.  very good sound quality
  5.  very lightweight
  6.  very easy to use


  1.  battery life is a little lower
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5. Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

In my list, 5th and last Bluetooth speaker is Anker sound core 2 portable Bluetooth speaker.

 And if you regular with my website then you know that my personal favorite Bluetooth speaker brand at a portable rate is the anchor.

Trust me guys in a very affordable price range and give us a very good quality speaker.

This is speaker Gates offer 21000 plus positive review and ratings which is available on Amazon.

And also if you go through with our LinkedIn you can get an extra discount on the current price so make sure you check it out.

This is speaker comes with ipx7 waterproof protection.

Physical Overview

 The physical feature of this Bluetooth speaker is good the material is high quality the border is made with rubber the button is also good quality.

Buttery Life

 The battery life I get around 7 to 8 hours battery life which is good according to the price.

Sound Quality

 Sound quality is really good and I find the Chrip sound.  And good Bass in the sound.


  1. very affordable
  2.  very easy to use
  3.  comes with waterproof Technology
  4.  good build quality


  1. I didn’t find that much of calls about this Bluetooth speaker
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 So, guys, I hope this article helped you to make your Purchase Decision.

If you want then you can check out the evening speaker single review I will link below as well as don’t forget to check the price of all of those Bluetooth speakers because you don’t know when Amazon sale comes out.

If you have any queries about all of the speakers then please ask me in the comment section below.

As well as if you want to chat with me personally then you can mail me or you can follow me on my social media then I will talk to you personally and give you the advice which is best for you. 

If you find this article helpful please give this article a share with your friends and family because you didn’t contribute can change someone’s life.

And keep supporting us because we need your support I will see you with another brand new article for now bye bye take care be safe and be happy.


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