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Portable Bluetooth speakers at home, in the car, or outside have made our music or audio listening experience even more exciting. Bluetooth speakers are small in size but one step ahead in terms of sound.

All types of Bluetooth speakers are offered in different designs.  Some of them cost less so someone needs more money to buy. People like different types of Bluetooth speakers according to their needs.

Many people like Bluetooth Speakers With Lights. Many of those who buy a good smartphone at a low price need a speaker. People who use slightly more expensive phones also need it.

For all that, many phone users feel the need for a Bluetooth speaker. Because, Bluetooth speakers multiply the fun of listening to their songs. It is a bit difficult for people to find a better Bluetooth speaker at a lower price, they do not know which Bluetooth speaker is best for them.

So in today’s post we will tell you about the best Bluetooth speakers that come with the light. Here we have prepared a list of Best Bluetooth Speakers With Lights.

Bluetooth Speaker With Lights

Below the list of Bluetooth Speaker With LED Lights, one more thing if you love Singing in the bathroom so checkout Best Bluetooth Speaker For Shower.

1. ION Audio Block Party Live 50 Watt Portable Bluetooth Speaker

▶ Dynamic, powerful 50 Watt speaker
▶ 06 Hours Of Playtime 
▶ Streams music wirelessly

The ION Audio Block Party Live is a 50 watt Bluetooth speaker with an integrated light show and rechargeable battery to create an instant dance party anywhere.

Stream music wirelessly from your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, and watch the red, green , blue, and orange lights of Block Party Live pump and pulsate with your music in time. These bright , vibrant LEDs change patterns and project onto walls and ceilings, even tree branches, giving you an instant party atmosphere anywhere you put it. The included Party Rocker software also helps you to monitor four different lighting modes remotely from your smartphone or tablet.

  • Interactive, efficient speaker system with integrated light display moving with the music
  • Wirelessly streams music from your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, laptop , computer and more
  • Microphone with power cable included for karaoke and announcements

What we truly enjoy about this speaker is its long-lasting battery really. It offers up to 75 hours of play time , which means that there is no chance that your party will stop only because the battery is dead. What’s more, if you want to listen to music and enjoy the lightshow you should get up to 6 hours.

As for the music, you’ll get impressed by this mic. This speaker offers some significant sound quality, with 50 watts of power and 77Hz – 20,000Hz frequency response. Even at maximum volume (which is a big bonus) the sound is complete and simple.


  1. Pleasant
  2. Good battery life
  3. Stunning lighting
  4. Stable Connection Bluetooth
  5. Easy to use
  6. Command panel quick to understand


  1. Costly
  2. The volume of your MIC is too low
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2. VersionTECH Mini Portable LED Colorful Wireless Loud Stereo Sound Speaker

▶ 08 Hours Of Playtime 

VersionTech Mini is a spherical shaped bluetooth speaker that features incredible looking LED lights that adjust according to the music and also has remote control for different modes. The speaker may be good for kids and teens or those searching for a night light and/or sound better than their desktop speakers.

These speakers won’t earn any awards for the sounds. These sound all right but they’re good for the cost.

  • Colorful colors with magic
  • Support TF card with decoding feature in MP3 format
  • Remote test process
  • For Line mode on AUX

Built-in 1200mA rechargeable battery with a playtime of up to 8 hours; built-in memory chip with replay breakpoints. In this way, you will have a long time watching the music feast.

A large audio range is provided with complete acoustic drivers and ultra-small size introduced. High quality speakers within could offer solid bass even at maximum volume without distortion. Particularly if you place this Bluetooth speaker in a closed room, you’ll experience a heavy stereo influence, so it’s really perfect for lovers’ dates so you can attach nice, lyrical songs to the atmosphere.


  1. Striking lighting
  2. Compact and lightweight
  3. Available
  4. Bluetooth + TF card + connection of 3.5 mm aux


  1. Audio quality could improve
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3. VOCH Night Light Bluetooth Speaker

▶ Easily Operation
▶ 10 Hours Of Playtime 
▶ Small Size with Powerful Volume and Immersive Sound

The Voch Night Light is a unique piece of equipment in its ability to act as a calming night light speaker. With several Voch Night Light Bluetooth Speaker Input choices, this device takes a spot on the best light listed Bluetooth speakers.

  • Cross-compatibility
  • Wonderful living in multicolour
  • Hands-free Styling
  • Support SD/TF card

Built-in 3.7V 2000mAh Lithium ion battery and music time up to 10 hours with light off and 50 percent power, up to 120 hours on low lighting with no music playing. But only 3-3.5 hours are required for maximum charging.

Powerful sound and Immersive Audio Slim Scale. This Wireless Subwoofer stereo with TF Card Slot and FM Radio Feature. Compatible with most Wireless products and ideal for home audio players and speakers for outdoor activities.


  1. Outstanding audio output
  2. 4 Adjustments to brightness
  3. 16,000 Light Changes
  4. Light and Sound Timer
  5. Value for money


  1. None
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4. MIANOVA Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker With Lights

▶ RGB Light Change
▶ 10 Hours Of Playtime 
▶ Fantacy Acoustic Effect

The Bluetooth Mianova wireless speaker looks much like the Shava Night Jewel and gives great bang to the dollar. This is MIANOVA Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker an inexpensive party speaker with bright lights perfect for a festive mood. A carefully selected selection of features makes them a perfect addition to the best lights-listed Bluetooth speakers.

  • LED Color Change, TF Card, USB Flash Disk, AUX-In, TWS … Portable, strong, spectacular architecture, battery life during the day
  • Usb connector, port with a microphone, charging port.
  • Click click for color change

Built in 2000mAh rechargeable lithium battery, it supports music play with the LED for up to 8 hours on, 10 hours with the LED light off.

High quality built-in amplifier chipset with ACF feature which significantly improves the quality of sound. It supports music format WAV and MP3. The BT speakers have a music storage capacity of more than 5 K songs with an up to 64 GB USB flash disk.


  1. Equilibrated tone
  2. Plays with SD card
  3. Compact and lightweight
  4. Reliable efficiency
  5. Battery life of 10 hours


  1. None
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5. Jewel Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

▶ 08 Hours Of Playtime 

The Shava Jewel Bluetooth speaker is a kit similar to the Shava Night Light except it takes on a much more glamorous SHAVA Jewel Portable Bluetooth Speaker persona. The diamond light is bright and offers more patterns than the Night Light. They are fitted with all the necessary attributes. These can synchronize with a number of devices too with multiple input options. The overall package is so user-oriented that it takes top spot in the best light mentioned Bluetooth speakers.

  • 6 LED multi-colored LED light customizable themes with cool touch sensor style on top.
  • Input AUX and TF card.
  • Long-lasting battery support up to 8 hours Lighting period with music play

The Shava Jewel bluetooth speaker is fitted with a 2000mAH battery and allows 8 hours of audio playtime. The black SHAVA kit box which is well-designed and delivered without packaging as a gift. Our comprehensive user manual includes precise guidance about how to move between color modes and how to control this portable wireless device.

Stereo system, wirelessly connects two speakers for high quality surround stereo sound. Enjoy your favorite music with Wireless Bluetooth, Micro SD card replay and 3.5 mm audio cable connection.


  1. Good value for money
  2. Subtle, but shining light
  3. Equilibrated and natural sound
  4. 3 Entry options
  5. Battery life: 8 hours.


  1. Not particularly long lasting
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6. Pyle Wireless Active PA Speaker System With Lights

▶ It Has No Battery 

The Bluetooth speaker Pyle Pro 1035A is a floorstanding device with a flexible light display. Also serving a karaoke and guitar speaker is this active speaker Pyle Pro PSUFM1035A Bluetooth Speaker with Light. The versatile device and a real party rocker are affordable. This is one of the best Bluetooth speakers with light, if you always have full-scale blowouts and need a dedicated speaker just to play loud music and perform light shows.

  • USB port for charging smartphones and other devices
  • RCA Entering Stereo And Output
  • SD Reader memory card with FM Radio
  • Flashing lights on DJ
  • RCA Stereo input And output

It has no battery. You plug it in to the wall.

Pyle speakers feature spectacular high-power performance and DJ lights that add life to every occasion. Bluetooth Play your favorite audio tracks or wireless Internet radio services, such as Pandora or Spotify. Download music instantly from your iPhone, Smartphone, MP3 Player, Laptop, Desktop, etc.. When your music plays, and the lights show, you can feel like a true DJ in the club.


  1. 6 input options
  2. Balanced sound and punchy bass
  3. Excellent mic and guitar performance
  4. Loud and DJ quality
  5. Value for money


  1. Cabinet vibrations
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7. Sony SRS-XB41 Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Lights

▶ 24 Hours Of Playtime 

The Sony SRS XB41 is a highly capable wireless speaker which has improved on the popular XB40 already. This is a robust Sony SRS-XB41 Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker System with lots of features.

It is very lightweight and strikes a good balance between size and portability of the driver. Sony rarely fails to disappoint, except when it’s a niche like the best lighted Bluetooth speakers.

  • Extra enhanced Bass with low-end tones
  • Long battery life
  • Bluetooth and NFC connection

Longer virtual happy hours, with the 24-hour battery life of this rechargeable speaker

The XB line is meant to help with the audio for Extra Bass, so we were expecting a natural audio signature with a calculated boost in bass. With the three-dimensional sound experience of Live Music, you can listen to music in a whole new way.


  1. Sleek, stylish lighting
  2. Connect multiple XB41s in a specific chain
  3. Small yet mighty
  4. Choice to bank batteries
  5. Battery life lasts 24 hours


  1. Lesser mids require a little more clarification
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8. SHAVA Night Light Bluetooth Speaker

▶ Clear Sound
▶ 05 Hours Of Playtime 

One of those uncomplicated inexpensive devices that offer many convenient SHAVA Night Light Bluetooth Speaker features is the Shava Night Light Bluetooth speaker. This is as much a visual attraction as it is a sonic attraction, from slow-fading light to multiple colours. The mood lighting and numerous ways for connecting to the source of the music contribute to its allure.

  • Suitable for all Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Tap the speaker mesh and keep it to adjust light themes
  • Line-in Micro SD Card & Aux

The bluetooth speaker Shava night light is fitted with a 1000mAH battery and enables 5 hours of audio playtime and 10 hours of lighting.

The sound quality is really nice, and the volume gets pretty loud! We haven’t tested it’s true waterproof-ness yet, but overall, it’s been a good product.


  1. Portable with hanging alternative
  2. Lightness settings
  3. Light colour setting
  4. SD compliant card
  5. Barely costly


  1. Charging period is long
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9. JBL Pulse 3 Wireless Bluetooth IPX7 Waterproof Speaker

▶ All-around sound
▶ 12 Hours Of Playtime 
▶ Sound and light in harmony

JBL is well recognized in all categories for their speakers. And we were not shocked to hear it was bringing a niche product like a lighted JBL Pulse 3 Wireless Bluetooth IPX7 Waterproof SpeakerBluetooth.

The Pulse 3 while playing quality music pulsates with bright light. This is a small , portable device that helps in all directions with mood lighting.

  • Wireless Bluetooth-streaming
  • Speaker noise and echo cancelling
  • Integration with voice streaming

JBL pulse 3 comes with an integrated rechargeable battery, providing up to 12 hours of playtime.

JBL Bluetooth speaker integrating 360 degree sound with 360 degree light display. Take your music to life wherever you are, with flashing LEDs. Pulse 3 also features a crystal clear call noise and an echo-cancelling speakerphone.


  1. Compact and waterproof
  2. Multiple patterns of engaging light
  3. Sound balanced and natural
  4. Option: JBL Connect+
  5. Water-proof IPX7
  6. One-touch call-assistant voice


  1. Costly for the features
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10. Soundcore Portable Bluetooth Speaker

▶With a built-in rechargeable battery
▶ 12 Hours Of Playtime 
▶ With JBL Connect+ technology

The Soundcore Flare Wireless Speaker is a luminous Bluetooth speaker of universal acclaim. Compared with JBL Pulse 3, the lighting on this is limited but the audio matches excellent efficiency. This is the best Bluetooth speaker with lights on the list if you’re a fan of subtle lighting and audiophile-grade music.

  • 360° Sound & BassUp Mode
  • Beat-Driven Light Show
  • Wireless Stereo Pairing
  • Works with the Soundcore App

The soundcore portable bluetooth speaker allows 12 hours of audio playtime.

Soundcore delivers Amazing sound and it’s ready to push you. Driven by 2 back-to – back drivers and dual passive radiators, Flare drops 360 degrees of powerful, bass-driven sound filling any space or room.


  1. Balanced engaging sound
  2. Detailing and punchy bass
  3. Volume range
  4. 12-hour battery life
  5. Subtle lighting
  6. Bass boost mode


  1. EQ effects could have been stronger
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