Bose wireless Sleeping Earbuds Review (Best Buying Guide in 2020)

Bose wireless Sleeping Earbuds Review (Best Buying Guide in 2020)

Hey everyone I’m David and Today I have Bose Sleeping ear Buds. It’s not the best feeling in the world but when Bose released these sleep buds I was praying that these were the answer so screw the price here I just want some decent sleep.

Bose Wireless Sleeping Earbuds Review

so a full disclosure I did personally pay for these to test retailing at $249 at the time of this article but I’ll place my affiliate links down in that article description below click on that for the most updated prices.

I’m David and I’m here to help you make that purchase decision welcome everyone tune in the article.

Bose wireless Sleeping Earbuds

Best Wireless Earbuds

  • Good Build quality
  • Audio Quality is really good
  • Very Light Weight
  • Very Tiny

Bose wireless noise-masking sleep buds Physical aspects

so jumping into the physical aspects of the sleeve but these things are ridiculously tiny take off they stay here plus ear tips and you’ll see this very tiny piece size almost kind of like an aspirin sized little device it’s pretty cool.

now the biggest concern are they comfortable and do they stay in the quick answer is yes unlike earplugs or those who currently sleep with in-ear earphones can find relief here the ear tips do not Jam into your ear canal.

But sit more so around the opening for me and because the flange is simply so big it’s able to conform to whatever oddly shaped ear that you have it’s not a problem now.

I sleep on my side at first then on my back then in the middle of the night I usually switch and rotate around and such but these have never fallen out.

Know when lying on my side though for the most part of the sleep buds never bothered me most of the time the earbuds do you sit very flush against my ear here it’s not an issue.

But rarely once in a while, I would lie on my side here and at a very specific angle that presses against the ear tips that’s when the discomfort starts.

Again it’s very rare it has to be a very precise movement or angle but again it is there as want to be transparent about that.

Bose wireless noise-masking sleep buds Charging Case & Battery Life

Battery Life

Now next to the case and then into answering all of your audio questions the air tips themselves are good for up to 16 hours and from my testing and monitoring I try to sleep about 8 hours at night I usually have about 38 to 42 percent battery life remaining equal to about 5 or 6hours left.

So this does surely need to be recharged on a daily basis now the carrying case provides one full recharge but keep this in mind though the ear tips from a dead battery to full takes up to 8 hours to recharge.

Make sure you don’t forget to put these sleep buds back into the case before leaving for work. And second, the case itself takes about 3 hours to recharge via USB 2.0 connection on the back.

Now although this seems to be a very long time to recharge the buds it’s because both decide to use ultra-low radiation-emitting Bluetooth.

It’s the lowest transmitting power among all of Bluetooth. Also, the battery type they’ve used is called silver-zinc may not lithium-ion.

Bose wireless noise-masking sleep buds

All for the sake of safety and its size now last but not least and possibly the biggest section the audio aspect.

Now hear my answers through some of the biggest questions that you guys had so first up here know,

These sleep buds do not allow you to play upload or stream your own music or podcasts enclose truly made these in an attempt to improve your sleep.

So in turn the cure ready to listen up audio files for you to use nothing else but more on that very soon. These are also not active noise-canceling since active noise-canceling is used more soda cans out low-frequency sound.

So if someone is snoring next to you ENC wouldn’t fix that anyways that’s where noise-masking comes in and per pose noise-masking could have the potential to make snoring inaudible.

Now another answer you can use one ear but if you’d like you don’t have to use both in your ears at the same time you can use the little left site or the right site

And leave the other one on in the table or on or in the case that it.

Now last does this play all night you can have it do so but you can set up different time intervals and have them stop playing eventually again that’s off within the app.

so with my testing just passive noise isolation does help to an extent with blacking out some noises once you turn on the masking sounds just like in-ear earphones that’s when you blackout most of the audio possible.

Bose wireless noise-masking sleep buds Audio Quality

Now showing you guys heap I personally use the shower profile I use it the most but you can pick any kind of sound that you want from the ocean to the hum of an airplane or the airiness of the wilderness here.

My personal testing the sleep buds actually work I don’t have to put it up so loud either usually around maybe 30 or 40 % or so-on the app and it truly does blackout the snoring and the rumbling.

I don’t even hear my fiancé getting up in the morning and a crazy thing these files simply don’t sound like it’s just blasting stereo audio either there’s an experience with thins hear me up there’s a really big soundstage.

Now for example that shower filed that sounds like rain hitting trees and leaves you can hear it distinctly water droplets sounding off on the right ear but at a different time and a different distance than the left one.

or the airplane file here it feels like a heavy hit very much hollow presence and be hung the airplane is actually around me I’m in the center that is.

So it’s like I’m encapsulated a full 360 full of audio. Now once in a while when I wake up in the middle of the night or when I first wake up in the morning I sense as though it’s really raining outside when I use that shower profile.

It feels as though I’m in the environment that Bose is offering it’s quite surreal but it almost takes you out in away from where you are and I’m not even exaggerating it’s quite impressive

Bose wireless noise-masking sleep buds Ultra-low Bluetooth

so the only issues that are really had with these since Bose is using that ultra-low Bluetooth technology the audio file transfers take ridiculously a long amount of time

Sometimes an hour sometimes 3 hours you usually have to download it while you’re sleeping soothe the next day.

You have the ability to use it but one of the reasons why I am excited about the sleep buds versus my earplugs which I’ve been using

I can control the volume and make sure if there’s an emergency I can actually hear it yeah at the same time.

Now I no longer fear I’m going to miss out on my alarm from my phone the reason being is because there’s also a built-in alarm right in the app and it basically goes off in the earbuds themselves

So if the phone dies in the milk that night the alarm will still sound off in your ears in the morning.

You don’t have to bother your significant other with a blaring alarm and you’re probably not going to miss a day of work either unless you really want to or so.

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My Recommendation about Bose wireless noise-masking sleep buds

Guys, I know the sleep buds are expensive but in the end here I think they fixed a problem that they were trying to solve.

Thankfully I did find one that really works for me but having several files that would hit that sweet spot would have been a bit more reassuring for everyone out there.

for those who want to listen to their own music at night sorry Guys you got to look elsewhere if sleep is your utmost priority comfort as well these are the answer I would suggest that you guys give them a try.

Bose wireless Sleeping Earbuds

Best Wireless Earbuds

  • Good Build quality
  • Audio Quality is really good
  • Very Light Weight
  • Very Tiny


  • Good Build quality
  • Audio Quality is really good
  • Very Light Weight
  • Very Tiny


  • NO
  • NO
  • NO
  • NO


So guys I hope you guys find this article helpful. And if you guys enjoy this article then please share this article with your friends and family. So guys you guys take care and I’ll see you guys in the next one

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