Creative Outlier Air TWS True Wireless Sweatproof Earphones Review In 2020

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Creative Outlier Air TWS True Wireless Earphones Review

Hey Everyone due to popular request I have another budget pair of truly wireless earphones for you guys, these are the Creative Outlier Air Review that I personally purchased.

Now when these first came out tons of you guys were asked me to review these because the spec sheet was mostly better than the competitors on the market.

We’re talking about 10-hour battery life per charge, Bluetooth 5.0 waterproofing, Virtual Assistants, etc we’ll get into more detail a little bit.

later here but all for the very low price of below $100 now as always I’ll place my affiliate links that in that article description below click on my links for the most updated prices in real-time .

but I know you guys a lot of you guys actually asked for budget reviews so moving forward here these budget articles won’t have too many sexy Clips here the tests and the content will still be there I’m going to tone down.

So guys moving forward here I’m Jimmy wood Jim’s review and I’m here to help you guys make that purchase decision welcome everyone to another review.

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Physical Features of creative outlier air TWS true wireless earphones

So going over the physical features first they’re all plastic no ear wings and only includes two ear tips it’s very smooth very light.

And to be honest they do feel like an $80 to 100 dollar pair of truly wireless earphones they don’t feel premium yet they don’t feel like garbage there.

Now getting a closer look the buttons on the side do not touch-sensitive and you do have to press quite firmly into your ear for some of the actions to trigger adjusting vim requires you its hold either side down which for some can be uncomfortable.

in the end, you can tell I was not feeling this at all here it needs to be more than 2 to vide actually needs to be a little bit more sensitive not a positive nope oddly this has one of the best voice assistant performance in its no need to press a button here by simply calling out Google assistant or Sire is almost instantaneous.

It’s actually faster than most other truly wireless earphones that I’ve tested so far.

Missing Features of creative outlier air TWS true wireless earphones

Now the only feature button wise missing here was audio pass-through, this doesn’t have the ability to turn on the microphones to let in your external environment for safety and awareness.

No won the flip side if you need to hear your environment though while wearing these you can take either one of these earphones off and the left or the right one will continue playing music for you just keep both earphones close by.

Water Proofing

Now let’s get a little deeper here these are IP5 rated. meaning they can take on low water jet sprays testing this myself I dress these things and after drying they’re still working perfectly fun.

The IP 5 rating is surely enough for most people who might get caught in the rain or those who might sweat a bit while working out know speaking of workouts I test.

This while running and they stay in the air well not the best and most secure from very vigorous workouts.

but jogging and weightlifting worked out perfectly fine for me I tend to prefer truly wears earphones with those ear fins or at least ones with a somewhat stiff ear coating on the outside of the ear bud themselves.

but these reminded me of my sin Hisser momentum truly wireless earphones where they stayed in the ear well for most cases only during let’s say jump roping for example was when they started to slip out.

Now give you guys a very quick physical straight-on profiler here I do like the fact that these don’t stick out on my ear too much here.

Or basically, at all it is flush against my ears, that’s very important for me for truly wireless earphones especially with my small head here sometimes you get those ones that just kind of sticks out a little bit it just looks a little bit funky.

Bluetooth 5.0

Alright moving forward here with Bluetooth this has the latest Bluetooth 5.0 connection with my testing I’m covering about 90% of my apartment before the signal starts to crackle this is better than Bluetooth 4.2 which is the previous generation.

But slightly on the lower end of Bluetooth 5.0 if I am nitpicking here most of my Bluetooth 5.0 products usually average are about 95 to 98% coverage in my 1100 square foot apartment.

While these here they creative outliers were a few feet off either orb this is still very a very good result here assessing this with an article on my Android phone both YouTube and Netflix played without sinking delays or issues.

Battery performance of creative outlier air TWS true wireless earphones

now moving on a testing battery performance this is where things starts to get really interesting here up to 10hours per use which is insane ridiculous bidding out many of the mainstream bigger and more expensive brands out there.

Tesla is that 50% vibe from a full battery today I was able to achieve 7 hours and 18 minutes about 25% shy of what they claimed.

But overall still better than many other truly wireless earphones at the moment.

Now the funny thing though a lot of these smaller companies are actually doing better than the big-name brands in regards to battery life so it’s just pay attention to that that’s pretty interesting.

Case Features of creative outlier air tws true wireless sweatproof earphones

Now looking at the case a little play here when you fully extend this thing.

But not really a big deal here the outer part is aluminum which does feel pretty good in the hands here a little bit cool to the touch,

This holds an additional two full charges giving you a total experience of 30 hours of music playback.

USB charging port

On the left side is the USB charging port USB C that is some LED lights to indicate what’s charging and what’s not and during the day time through my testing here, it’s actually pretty bright.

The phone calls test with creative outlier air TWS true wireless earphones

Alright, guys let’s get into the phone calls test have you guys have a listen as well show you my side of the hood here and then we’ll get into the audio assessment.

This is isolating my voice against the background noises of these cars driving by this morning.

Such people don’t know you guys think as a side out here this does have passive noise isolation it is on the moderate side not too light.

but definitely not really isolating either it does let you know a bit of background noise more than those heavy isolating Chile while your phones out there Thursday here when you do listen to a phone call it says play I’m full ear guys.

The audio performance of creative outlier air TWS true wireless earphones

All right guys let’s get to the rest of the review our guys last but not least here let’s talk about the audio performance keep in mind we have Bluetooth 5.0.

But this also has effects what’s shocking I usually see big brand name truly wireless earphones and if they do disclose it they usually have an app tax.

 Usually in the $100 or less category, they either don’t disclose it or they stick with a lower quality Bluetooth codec such as SBC.

Now I will admit there is better than apex out there such as apex HD and L deck but I haven’t seen it in a pair of truly wireless earphones that I’ve personally tested.

If you’ve seen my other articles you know I’ve tested a lot of big brands out there even the new WF 1000 xm3 don’t even have L deck on there for some reason and this Sennheiser Momentum’s truly wireless earphones they only go as high as apex low latency.

so it’s not just marketing buzz here sorry for all that jargon but comparing the earphones I personally tested having a pair of truly wireless earphones coming in at under $100 and offering this optics basically is indeed a surprise.

Sound Quality of creative outlier air TWS true wireless earphones

But how does it sound they’ve really damn good.

first off these get loud at 30% it’s like having background music to casually listen to and 40 to 50% volume it’s not enough to get me jamming at 70% it’s like you took some pre-workout and pop some things off base is deep and rich on these bloomy for truly wireless earphones and while not being muddy bloated or distorted.

This is perfect for a hip hop EDM and if you like bass in your pop music this hits it really, well keep in mind each brand usually has its own goals of how they want their audio to sound.

but if your bass focused in general these indeed do have more bass than this Sennheiser Momentum’s truly Wireless more than my Sony WF 1000x m3 more than my Be no t8 version twos just to name a few here, this has more bass than.

Now themed-range is clean and not distorted here I wouldn’t say these are very bright to push forward there is a little there though.

but it’s more mellow compared to the bottom end of the audio frequency range for those who enjoy bass I think these will be perfectly fine, for those who are not based focused though the mid-range does sometimes sound ever so slightly shadowed by bass.

If you have been reading my site for a while and are familiar with just headphones in general again not apples to apples comparison but just in case you guys know about those.

These SATA more on the level of this Sony WH 1000 XM 3s and I know many of you will like those headphones this is that exact comparison here but the simpler experience.

Now the soundstage for less than $100 is really good on these tons of value they don’t beat up my Sennheiser Momentum’s truly Wireless granted those at the time this article retail and those do provide a different audio signature.

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Overall Review of creative outlier air TWS true wireless earphones

but overall the outliers provide audio separation to a great degree stereo separation has done very well here this left and right audio sites.

And there is wideness and some airiness to the audio that gives the outliers again a lot of value.

the high notes hits just enough here to be satisfying it could be just ever so slightly sharper or cleaner up there for my personal preference.

But I’m really nitpicking here, the highs were never ear ringing or too sharp and listen to these for several hours straight I never had any kind of listening fatigue.

It’s clear the outliers biggest trait is bass deeper and more resonating than even the power beats pros that I personally use when I workout too.

Because of the ear hooks and then I remember how much this cost and I’m like damn these are really good overall I do wish they made the buns more sensitive.

So don’t sit like jam them into my ear or as hard every time and if they included an audio pass-through these would have been absolutely sick.

Again this could be just me but they do a pair also was a little bit finicky foreman the end here despite those flaws these are crazy cheap for what they do.


  1. Comes with IP 5 Rating Water Proofing
  2. Good and high quality audio and microphone performance
  3. Long Lusting Buttery Life
  4. Comes With USB – C


Guys down in the comment section below what let me know what you guys think and as always follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

Hopefully, this article helped you in some way I’ll catch you guys on the next one bye.


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