How To Select Best Bluetooth Speakers​

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How To Select Best Bluetooth Speakers​

How To Select Best Bluetooth Speakers​

You can easily find a Bluetooth speaker in any small shop or a mall. A Bluetooth speaker is a handy device. Being portable and embedded with effective connectivity, it gives you many options. But there are numerous designs and options in the market which can make it difficult for you to Select The Best Bluetooth speaker.

The cost of a Bluetooth speaker might range from a few 20$ to 1000$ and more. The most appropriate way to select the best Bluetooth speaker is by testing its sound quality. Reading the specifications might be helpful but listening to the sound would do all that is needed. But many brands and shops do not allow this testing.

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How To Select Best Bluetooth Speakers

What things should be considered before selecting the best Bluetooth speaker?

  • Frequency response
  • Bluetooth version
  • Drivers
  • Connectivity
  • Charging style

Making sure that the Bluetooth speaker meets all your requirements will be essential before buying. Understanding the specifications of the speaker will be a good way if a field test of the speaker is not possible.

Frequency response

Frequency response is a good measure for a speaker’s sound quality. It is described in a range and the wider this range, the better the audio output. But still, that is not enough, the perception of sound varies from person to person. Considering the age of the listener, the frequency requirements need to be adjusted.

Bluetooth version

The Bluetooth version allows you to know the quality of audio transmission. It also tells, how much distance can be provided between the phone and the speaker. Bluetooth 4 should be an ideal choice as it gives a better battery life and the distance is almost 60 meters. Besides, Bluetooth 5 is the latest version, but when you need to How To select the best Bluetooth speaker, go for version 4.


Most of the Bluetooth speakers come with a single driver. But if you wish to select the best Bluetooth speaker, go for the one which has various drivers. Also, it is crucial to see if the size of the driver is decent. The bigger driver you expect, the bigger the size of the speaker. The number of drivers is of importance as it will determine the sound of the speaker. Even the placement of the driver’s matters.  


Do check for an auxiliary connector while buying a Bluetooth speaker. Although, wireless connectivity is the best, having a wired connection option is better. To see if it has this feature look for ‘AUX-IN’ being mentioned on it. It is helpful in saving your phone battery and many times it even enhances the sound quality. You should even consider a speaker with a microphone attachment. It will save you from running for your phone each time it buzzes. You will be able to answer calls with the Bluetooth speaker itself.

Charging style

As a Bluetooth speaker does not come with an infinite battery, you will have to charge it someday. A USB charging port is a lifesaver if you are somewhere outside your home. It will diminish the need for a bundled cable to be carried. Nowadays micro-USB ports are added which allows you to charge it even with a power bank.


There are many more specifications that you can consider before buying a Bluetooth speaker. But if you are not a tech-savvy person and do not understand the language of technology, these above-mentioned features will help you buy a decent enough speaker for your requirements. I hope you like this post (How To Select Best Bluetooth Speakers​) if you like then share with your friends.

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