JBL FLIP 5 Reviews: Waterproof, Price, Battery» 6 Month Uses

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JBL FLIP 5 Reviews: Waterproof, Price, Battery» 6 Month Uses

JBL FLIP 5 Reviews

Hey everyone come in to have a seat on that leather sofa grab yourself a drink sit back and relax today I got the JBL Flip 5 that I personally purchased for the price of $105.

As always I’ll be going over both pros and cons and I’ll leave my affiliate links in that article below click on my links down, therefore, the most updated prices in real-time you never know when this thing might go on sale.

Also, include the JBL flip 4 which after this review if they’re still on sale it might be a worthy purchase so stay tuned guys I’m David and I’m here to help you guys make that purchase decision welcome everyone to another review.


wireless Bluetooth Speaker

  • Very easy to pair
  • Very comfortable
  • Very easy to use
  • Very affordable
  • You can pair with multiple devices
  • Good battery Life

Physical features OF JBL flip 5

First, let’s go over the physical features so first off you still get a very durable fabric mesh wrapping majority of this speaker.

the rubber ends to stem the speaker up and of course to absorb any kind of bump sand and we get those passive base radiators are that very common here on the JBL speakers and the pulsates in relation to your volume levels.

Now of course this isn’t recommended what I’m doing here but for testing’s sake, I press these in and haven’t noticed any compromises at all.

over the last several years or so and over the last several generations of JBL speakers I haven’t had any viewers mention that these base radiators tear or break off from use overall the design is still a quality build.

Water Proofing OF JBL flip 5

so it’s somewhat of a trade-off of convenience but since I’m on the water tester this speaker does float them in with the IP 7 rating this can be submerged up to 30 minutes and up to 3 points 3 feet of water as much as I like it without the flap for daily use.

If you’re a bit more rugged if you probably going to be around the sand and dirt particles might get into there.

And it might prevent the USBC cord from making full contact so take that into consideration.

Battery life OF JBL flip 5

Now jumping into battery life this is rated at 12 hours other competitors have been getting this number as well.

 So the foot 5 is good yet nothing class-leading testing this at 50% in vine from a full battery to dead I was able to achieve 8 hours and 44 minutes to be exact.

now JBL doesn’t disclose if this has fast charging or not but the recharge time from the dead to full is two and a half hours this is an improvement over the previous model.

Bass Quality OF JBL flip 5

So going over bass first here for a small Bluetooth speaker it is good you get nice punchy bass that’s enough to make pop and EDM and some hip-hop songs here very much enjoyable in the audio sample Sony this year is an excellent alternatively improved over the previous generation.

but compared to the foot 5they’re playing very close very similar here but the JBL is a little bit deeper a little bit better and also a little bit less muffled bass hopefully it transferred over to the audio sample.

but the mid-range also is slightly pushed forward which I very much enjoy on speakers vocals stand out instruments are pushed slightly in the forefront and for again the $100 price range it’s clear it’s not muddy simply a very good experience all around on the JBL foot 5.

Missing Features OF JBL flip 5

Now, what is missing on this thing though of physical 3.5-millimeter port Wireless is obviously the future here,

 But I know some uses these speakers for their TV some uses them with their PlayStation PC what-have-you those basically who don’t have Bluetooth just yet can’t use this speaker.

Bluetooth OF JBL flip 5

Now speaking of Bluetooth we still don’t get Bluetooth 5.0 if you’re spending your hard-earned money to get something that will last you.

 Bluetooth 5.0 is to improve wireless range increase speed and provide simply a stronger connection JBO with a new piece of tech here doesn’t offer this.

So this comes with Bluetooth 4.2.  4.2 is still technically good I’ve said it before but a better connection all around is something that helps tremendously the Sony XP offer that neither but Marshall and LG do.

So those two other brands might be worth a consideration if you’re intending.

Also, those two the ones that I just mentioned Marshall and JBL here do have a 3.5millimeter port physical connection now with the JBL Flip 5 with my test in my 1100-square-foot apartment here I’m getting about 80 to 85 % coverage before the signal starts to crackle.

And that’s going through several walls here not bad at all but there are limitations if you want that big wide open area to use this in testing with iPhone YouTube did have a minor delay you had a scrutinized

But there is a little bit of a delay Netflix played perfectly fine testing this with my android phone the same exact thing YouTube had a micro delay their Netflix again fine.

Now last but not least we what we don’t have is a speakerphone so you can’t take phone calls on this and we don’t have voice assistant.

JBL Flip 4 vs JBL flip 5

Now the high notes are high enough to be enjoyed without being ear-piercing testing this at even 90% environment I know my neighbor is getting pissed here.

but even with that high of a level of vocal work two snares still retain its resolution and detail it doesn’t get an ear piercing it doesn’t get distorted when you’re standing at a pretty much reasonable distance from the JBL Flip 5 sound stage-wise it’s practically absent it’s not there.

And I think this is a good segue into the comparison of the JBL flip 4. The foot 5 in general still a great audio signature in my opinion if you can’t find a JBL flip 4 for sale anymore.

So I hope you heard the difference here the JBL flip 4 is hands-down better in the audio department. It’s bass here it’s brighter and more for those vocals sing and has more emphasis.

Now even those high notes hit with a bit more snap and it’s simply satisfying it’s not as though the JBL flip four sounds leaps and bounds better here but the differences are there

And also it’s just odd the JBL went with a single driver on the front rather than the dual drivers which were very common on their previous models.

Now I was indeed hoping JB would provide or further up all right enhance and try to provide as much stereo sound as possible.

but they’re going to complete opposite with a mono sound output it doesn’t mean it’s bad audio not really but it was already great with the JBL flip 4.

But why go backward here it’s like selling a v8 engine and then going through a v6 with turbots it’s still good but it’s not the same with the JBL flip 5.

Again if you can still finally JBL flip for and don’t care about USB – C get it to be fair they’re going to face this older model out eventually and when they do.

My Recommendation about JBL Flip 5

Then I would highly recommend the purchase of JBL flip five and just being transparent JBL has been an amazing speaker for years and I still love their audio output I just wish that.

There were specs like blue through the 5.0 was there. so the article can work right here and the audio overtime would have improved instead of going backward JBL ‘s making it really tough to recommend when they 


wireless Bluetooth Speaker

  • Very easy to pair
  • Very comfortable
  • Very easy to use
  • Very affordable
  • You can pair with multiple devices
  • Good battery Life


  • Build quality is really awesome
  • Beautiful smart looking
  • Long lusting buttery life
  • Water Proof


  • NO
  • NO
  • NO
  • NO


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