Now the Sabbat   one of my favorite true wireless earbuds to this day has some of the best basses, and here you read  Sabbat Vooplay True Wireless Review 2020

And so I was very excited to see that the company had a brand new earbud which we’re going to check out and that is the brand new Sabbat  vooplay. 

Sabbat Vooplay True Wireless Review

Now this is a pair that retails for70 but this is actually an open ear design so this is completely different than having the pairs that has the ear tips and usually is not my favorite type of earbud. 

But because it was from Sabbat and it has some pretty interesting features I was more than willing to check these out. 

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Sabbat Vooplay True Wireless 

Wireless Bluetooth 5.0

  • Waterproof
  • Give a smart Look
  • Good sound quality
  • Good build quality
  • Very easy to use

Physical features

So let’s go ahead and check out some of the features and what it is you get inside the box. 

now the first thing that I notice is it has a very similar design to the surface buds where it has this large circle surface which makes it easier to touch if it actually uses touch controls but these actually use button controls. 

Now they also have a 14-millimeter driver which is a fairly large driver to find in a pair of earbuds. 

Now, these are available in a bunch of different colors the color that I have is the color in they have different names for these and it looks like they have six colors overall. 

Bluetooth connection

Now, these do have Bluetooth 5.0they have aptx aac and sbc playback I didn’t have any issues when it came to lag with reading articles or movies. 

Or anything like that I did not experience any dropouts although I did speak to another creator and he actually did have issues with dropouts. 

So there may be some quality concerns I’m not sure but I didn’t experience any issues with mine. 


now as far as the IP rating there’s no official IP rating on the box or on their website or anything so I’m not sure how water-resistant or if they are water-resistant at also definitely be careful if you’re going to be around water.

Inside the box

Now, as far as what you get inside the box because this is an open ear design there are no ear tips at all they did include a carrying pouch which is something I don’t use I just like to use the case itself. 
This is just something extra to keep up with but you know for some that use it I guess they’ll be glad they’ve included this. 

Battery life

Now, as far as the charging cable they’ve included a USB C cable speaking of the charging cable. 

The battery life is actually pretty decent on these you’re going to get around six hours of battery life on the earbuds themselves which I think is pretty good considering the drivers in here are so large. 

But with the charging case, you can look to get around 40 hours total and a huge bonus about the charging case is its T-wireless charging case. 

so you can just come in drop it on any wireless charger and it will start charging and speaking of the case actually has a very premium feel to it it’s wrapped in a leathers lash pleather type material on the back you can see your us be input for charging. 

And then you have four indicator lights underneath the lid so that you can kind of gauge how much battery life is on the case. 

and as soon as you open up the lid the first thing you’re going to see are the earbuds which again look really similar to the surface buds which has that large round flat surface. 

Although with these you notice that they have a line that goes up the middle and that is actually your physical button to do your controls. 

And I’m happy to say that you have control over everything so you have play pause skipping your tracks forward going backward and even volume control. 

Sabbat Vooplay True Wireless Review

Individually earbuds

Now, as far as you guys that like to use your earbuds individually you’ll be happy to know that you can use either the left or the right. 

and then as far as the microphones on here I think they are just okay they have the CVC 8.0 technology so it is doing what it can to focus in on your voice and block out your surroundings. 

Sound quality

So now let’s talk about the sound, the sound on these were surprisingly very good, now if you are a bass head. 

Because this is an open ear design it still lacks that feeling of physical punch that you get with ear tips on other earbuds or an actual pair of over-the-ear headphones. 

But I still feel like they did a very good job to push the base up as much as possible without having it distort or without having it hurt your mids and your highs. 

Now because this is a pair of sabbats is still wanted a little bit more bass because that’s just something I’ve become familiar with their products so do know that going in. 

Now the mids on these were definitely pushed forward I always felt like the vocalist was right there in front of me male or female vocals just always had a really nice presence to it kind of felt natural. 

The overall tone to these earbuds is very warm so it kind of calms down anything from sounding real high and that definitely goes with the treble had a lot of detail to it. 

But it didn’t sound near being bright because it did have that warmer tone to it overall. 

Now, as far as the sound stage and the sound imaging this is something that these definitely excel at. 

Because the open ear design kind of gives you that feeling of being in a much larger environment and being able to tell where everything is coming from these were able to handle with ease. 

So overall it’s a very pleasing earbud to listen to especially considering this is not normally a style that I like to listen to. 

Sabbat Vooplay True Wireless Review

My cons

So now as far as some of my cons with these, I did have a couple of times where the earbuds did not disconnect from my phone when I put them in the case. 

So what that will do is have your earbuds be dead the next time that you go to take them out of the case. 

Or if you’re using your phone expecting to hear something and it’s actually playing from the earbuds that you thought you’ve already disconnected it’s just kind of inconvenient. 

And then the only other thing is if you are a Sabbat fan that’s used to their very punchy base you’re going to want a little bit more out of these because they’re just not capable of doing that because of this type of design. 

But overall I think they did a very good job with the open ear design and still giving you a pretty dynamic sound which usually other earbuds kind of fall flat on that have this type of design. 

So I was very impressed and I think for70 dollars especially if you’re somebody that prefers to use these or just can’t use earbuds that have ear tips this is a very nice option. 

Sabbat Vooplay True Wireless 

Wireless Bluetooth 5.0

  • Waterproof
  • Give a smart Look
  • Good sound quality
  • Good build quality
  • Very easy to use


Guys that’s my article on the brand new sabbat cosplay thank you so much for checking out this article thank you so much for checking out all the other articles and as always make sure to stay tuned for more