Sennheiser HD 4.40bt Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

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Sennheiser HD 4.40bt Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

Sennheiser HD 4.40bt Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

Hey everyone welcomes back to another article did you guys know Sennheiser made budget-priced headphones and not many people know that

because we’re always thinking about the moment wireless the truly wireless Momenta and the PXE 550s which I’m still wondering why the hell did they leave micro USB on a 350 dollar pair of headphones I’m still not over it.

But anyways today I had these Sennheiser 440 BT’S and these are brand new on the market and yes they do include USB type-c + there are some other specs that tickled my pickle you can say make me go out and buy these.

Now, these were 120 dollars at the time of this article but next month though Sennheiser will have the 450 BT will include active noise-canceling and those will retail for $200.

Now be sure to subscribe to my site so you can see what that it’s all about here once that article comes out but for the time being I’ll leave my affiliate links in the article for this particular product 440 BT click on my links for the most updated prices in real-time.

Like the previous generation I would think that these would eventually drop to about $100 as always being transparent I do make a small commission.

 if you purchase anything from those links and with this product I will of course be going over both pros and cons.

Now I don’t even with Jim’s review room and I’m here to help you guys make that purchase decision. Welcome everyone to another article

Sennheiser HD 4.40bt Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

  • Good build quality
  • Value for money
  • Good audio quality
  • Very easy to pair
  • The battery life is insane

Sennheiser 440 BT’S Physical Overview & Features

The physical features first overall these Sennheiser’s are very simple and clean yet they don’t feel cheap the pleas is don’t feel hollow or brittle.

Now, this seems very basic here but you guys know with some cheap stuff out there if you scratch it and it sounds so thin that’s like an indicator of being cheap.

you don’t get that here with a 440 BT. they’re considering these are in the very low 100 our price range these are made of all plastic including the extending arm and from what I can tell also the hinges as well.

now do my stress test here I’m not trying to break these but I’m trying to here for any kind of creaks cracks any squeaks here to listen for any kind of snapping or any kind of play with these headphones these do hold up really really well.

By giving this shake right next to the microphone here I don’t hear anything here there barely anything here it’s really well crafted for this price range.

now the only word of caution though during my time testing these do seem to show where quite easily over time more is going to show up so take that into consideration.

Now jumping into comfort these weigh in at a very respectable 238 grams. This is on the very light side for headphones maybe these great for over the head.

The clamping force is fine but the earpads themselves they’re comfy enough but they’re not memory foam or gel feeling.

they’re not plush if anything you could hear or feel how long foamy these things are kind of just bounce back or Springs back but the only critique though I really had about comfort the earpads do warm up my ears quite easily after about an hour of wearing.

Even in a cool environment, just a heads up on that but sign up the earpads are replaceable too. Now getting a closer look there are buttons all over these things here

 It’s like a freaking spaceship first year I’m kind of exaggerating there but there is a lot of buttons though but it is manageable and the buttons are responsive.

I love touch surfaces but there’s something about tactile feedback of pressing a nice button something satisfying about it.

now the very first button activates either Google assistance or Siri through your phone it’s super responsive ask Google for the weather and such and it is fast the button below of that which I love here with your thumb slide it up to skip a song slide it down to go back press that button in to pause or play your music.

now below that is a rocker button for vine up and down here and at the very frontier, this button was the only one that was a little weird in its placement put some muscle memory and adjustments over time here over like two days or so.

It’s absolutely fine I can find it it’s essentially the power and pairing button. Now before I talk about the technology inside going over what is physically missing though

and keep in mind these are in the budget category I’m not knocking on them but the Sennheiser 440 BTS don’t have audio pass-through which is a bummer.

There’s no auto-pause which means when you take off these headphones they don’t pause your music there’s also no three-and-a-half millimeter physical input to physically connect your connections when you fold the ear cusped which is a perk for storing they don’t also have auto-off as well your music will continue playing.

Sennheiser 440 BT’S Charging

so make sure you pause it and turn these off manually alright let’s get into the cool stuff here first up USB C is featured as I mentioned earlier I didn’t see I mentioned for fast charging in general.

Sennheiser 440 BT’S Battery life

But to recharge the headphones the instructions indicate it could take just two hours Sennheiser is climbing up to thirty hours of use on these headphones which are really good here especially for this price range with my testing the first time 50% in the vine which is what I do in all my other audio products.

after 30 hours I still had a crazy 50% battery remaining I did a second test at 75 percent vine which was definitely at an enjoyable level from full to dead I was able to achieve 44 hours and 39 minutes.

Battery life on this thing is insane probably are cord up.

Sennheiser 440 BT’S Bluetooth

Bluetooth 5.0 is featured with AAC app Dex and FX low latency testing this for the distance I’m able to achieve 99% of my 1,100 square foot apartment I was basically close to putting my head against that exterior wall oh we on the other side testing.

This article I have a new test with some special contraptions and such and I can confirm the delay is reduced to about 40 milliseconds which is typically not noticeable by the human ears.
So with my testing both YouTube and Netflix, it played without any syncing delays.

Now as for volume this is loud enough but for those who like it really loud, the 440 BT just barely touches that this has moderate amounts of passive noise isolation with loud noises that is going on around you might still be able to hear it even with music going.

Sennheiser 440 BT’S Sound & Audio quality

now let’s start with a base here these are just ever so slightly ever on the base your side compared to these Sony xb9 hundred ends that have reviewed about a month ago or so.

The Sennheiser’s are definitely not that deep but these Sennheiser’s still have this nice low end it offers a hint of sub-base but a good amount of mid base though.

if you listen carefully there it’s a little bit of muddiness on being a very low end of the mid-range level but it is minute the mid-range for a budget pair of headphones is impressive as a majority of the vocals

And instruments are clear and having an above-expected amount of detail the 440bt’s aren’t bright but it stands out for the most part at a balanced level based on its stack or factory settings.

Now what is impressive though it’s the audio depth and the dimension that is offered the soundstage is quite impressive as well with hearing distance an audio direction of singers.

And instruments now touching base on the high frequencies this could use slightly more snap on the snare so the cymbal crashes could use just a bit more brightness on top.

The snaps typically found in the repetitive beats of pop and idiom they simply could use a little more snap in general.

It’s not bad it’s neutral in my opinion but could use some more color to make the audio a bit more alive a bit more bite you can say.

Now san has it does offer their own app which I’ve never been fond of, to be honest with you guys I prefer an individual equalizer with the option to adjust the frequency band independently.

But with Sennheiser, you have a little dot and adjust and try to balance everything else around it no matter where you place that setting here.

it works but I could I think it could be a little bit better working with what I got though I add a little bit more treble here within the app and the Auto Center does sound a bit airier it sounds lighter and I think the audio is even further improved.

And again for the price, this sounds to be worth much more than what it is once you make that adjustment yep I just got wait for the 450 Bt to release and we’ll see if those will take the cake.

but for the time being, I just wish the Sennheiser’s had better ear pads that didn’t heat up too much I know these are not super techy but I’m perfectly fine with that if you’re familiar with cars I would say it’s like a Miata or ad mini cooper.

Its small lightweight really nice I guess without the entire extra BS that distracts you it’s just a car that’s just fun same thing with these headphones these are very similar.

my recommendation

You’re getting a quality name really good audio crazy good battery life overall this gets my recommendation


  • Good build quality
  • Value for money
  • Good audio quality
  • Very easy to pair
  • The buttery life is insane


  • NO
  • NO

Sennheiser HD 4.40bt Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

  • Good build quality
  • Value for money
  • Good audio quality
  • Very easy to pair
  • The battery life is insane

Sennheiser 440 BT’S Bluetooth

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