SoundPeats Turpentine 3 SE True Wireless Review In 2020

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SoundPeats Turpentine 3 SE True Wireless Review In 2020

SoundPeats Turpentine 3 SE True Wireless Review In 2020

All right guys so today we’re going to look at the brand news Sound peats Truengine 3 SE and one of the reasons I’m excited about checking these out is the original are still some of my favorite truly wireless earbuds to this day. 

So, the fact that I feel like they went back to that original design and made some really nice improvements. 

When it comes to the sound and the technology and only bumped the price up to 60 on the new threes definitely had me interested. 

But we’re going to check out some of those features we’re going to check out the sound and see if it’s worth the 60-price tag. 

So let’s go ahead and start with the fact that these have dual dynamic drivers and they actually were able to even kind of somewhat slim down the design from the originals. 

And on top of that, they have added touch controls instead of using the original button controls and for me, that am a nice improvement and in my opinion, make it worth it on its own. 

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SoundPeats Turpentine 3 SE True

truly wireless earbuds 

  • Waterproof
  • Long Lusting Buttery Life
  • Good build quality
  • Very easy to use

Bluetooth connection

Now when it comes to the technology that’s in here they are using Bluetooth 5.0 but they’re also using a QUALCOMM 3020 chip and using the two-plus connection. 

So your device is connecting to both earbuds individually and not having it where one earbud is trying to depend on the other one as far as its connection. 

And what that’s doing is allowing you to have a much more stable connection so you don’t have to worry about dropouts or anything like that. 

Now it does have apex and sbc playback so as far as reading movies or articles and even playing games I didn’t experience any kind of lag at all. 


Now as far as the best IP rating on these it comes in rated atipx5so it’s not completely waterproof but it’s still a pair that you can go out and if it starts to rain or if you’re somebody that sweats heavily you don’t have to worry.

Battery life

As far as the charging cable on these they come with a USBC cable and speaking of the charging cable i feel like the battery life on these is very impressive. 

Because for a pair that has dual dynamic drivers which is going to draw more power you’re still getting around six and a half hours of battery life on the earbuds themselves where with the charging case you’re going to get around30. 

Now one thing I would have liked to have seen is them add a fast charge feature or even have the case be the wireless charging case. 

so that is definitely two things I would have liked to have seen them add to these but it still kind of falls back to the fact that these are only 60so you kind of have to lower your expectations when it comes to some features like that. 

Inside the box

now as far as what you’re getting inside the box on top of getting the usual small medium and large silicone ear tips they’ve also included a pair of the comply foam ear tips. 

So if you’re a fan of using foam ear tips over silicone ear tips it’s nice that you have that option right out of the box. 

Individual earbuds

Now, as far as you guys that like to use your earbuds individually you’ll be happy to know that you can use either the left or the right. 

And then when it comes to the microphones this is another improvement that they’ve made because on the original ses it used the CVC 6.0 technology wherewith these it’s using the CVC 8.0. 

and what that does is it’s focusing a lot more on your voice and doing a much better job of blocking out your surroundings but you guys can be a judge by listening to a test here. 

Sound quality

The sound is the most exciting thing about these and really before we get into the sound itself I want to point out that the volume on these is much louder than the originals. 

I’ve had some people that say that they felt like the original ones didn’t get loud enough for them I feel like they definitely address that with the threes. 

Because the volume is much louder it doesn’t distort which is definitely important and the sound itself is just in my opinion as good as it gets and that’s for any price tag let alone the fact that these are sixty dollars. 

But if you are somebody that’s looking for a flat sound signature this is not the pair like this is the furthest thing from the pair. 

Because this is giving you a pretty rich dynamic sounded the bass has a lot of impact on it although it’s not sloppy at all it’s very tight it’s very quick but you can definitely feel it. 

SoundPeats Turpentine 3 SE True Wireless Review 2020


\The same thing with the mids, the mids are pushed forward enough where everything still feels natural it doesn’t feel like it’s overdone. 

And it’s just really clean and you’re able to pick up a lot of details and vocals and I was just extremely impressed. 


Now when it comes to the treble, the treble has a nice brightness to it stays away from being too harsh but it definitely gets close to it. 

So if you’re going to listen at louder volumes do kind of expect that the treble is going to have a very bright sound to it. 

Personal opinion

Now I personally really enjoy that especially when you’re mixing it with bass that has the impact that it does it just again gives you this full rich dynamic sound which is a sound signature that I prefer. 

But the sound stage and sound imaging on these I feel are excellent as well makes you feel like you’re in a much larger room and then being able to tell where everything is coming from is no problem when it comes to these. 

Now as excellent as I feel that these are I do have a couple of cons one for people that want a very tiny earbud. 

This still has a few sizes to it don’t think it’s a big deal especially considering that you have dual dynamic drivers crammed into these earbuds. 

And then my only other complaint is I would like to see maybe a fast charge feature or at least have the case be a chi wireless charging case. 

Now i would happily pay a little bit more to have these features so that I can have everything that I want with an excellent sounding pair of earbuds. 

This is a no-brainer this is an easy pair to recommend they definitely improved upon a pair that was already one of my favorites. 

So the Turpentine 3 SE is one of the best values out there right now when it comes to true wireless ear buds. 

SoundPeats Turpentine 3 SE True

truly wireless earbuds 

  • Waterproof
  • Long Lusting Buttery Life
  • Good build quality
  • Very easy to use


Guys thank you so much for checking out this article thank you so much for checking out all the other articles and as always make sure to stay tuned for more.

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