Steelseries Arctis 7 Wireless Review 2020

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Steelseries Arctis 7 Wireless Review

Hey everyone I am David and welcome back to another brand new article.

Now a SteelSeries released their newest Arctis 7 line their best of the best headsets available at the time of this article and it comes with a digital to analog converter.

As always being transparent with you guys I’m going to go through both pros and cons I’ll leave links down in that article below the link will take you to for more information.

I’m David and I’m here to help you make that purchase decision welcome everyone to another review

Steelseries Arctis 7 Wireless Review 2020
Steelseries Arctis 7 Wireless Review

Both features quality

Now I have both the artist 7 Plus game deck and the artist 7 Wireless both of these were for PC and PlayStation 4.

now both these headsets look nearly identical same metal band up top here wrapped in a soft and stretching ski goggles in here matte black finish all the way around same plastic yet durable arms extending to the ear cups.

now doing my vent test which I’m aware is overkill but not trying to break these I’m trying to see if there’s any kind of chatter creaking rattling that would show any kind of weak spots or cheap build quality I don’t see any or hear any issues whatsoever.

but ear cups are closed back with backplates which are easily removable the 7 Plus model that I have run mine neck here it does have RGB lighting partially controllable within the deck fully customizable though with any SteelSeries engine software which unfortunately was not available during the time of me testing the wireless model does not have our jeebies.

Now both headsets feature nearly identical buttons the craftsmanship and detail are one of the best for sure here for my assessment all are very premium feeling super grippe with no issues whatsoever in determining where you are trying to button locate during game play.

Wireless features

Now on-screen is basically what all the features are offered but the wireless model having an additional micro USB port for charging the headsets and then on their right ear cup and you have power and Bluetooth pairing.

Now with the 7 wireless model, I did confirm you are able to use the headset with the wireless transmitter for in-game audio of course.

and you’re able to activate Bluetooth at the same time to let’s say listen to music in the background or for those who use discord you can use the chat feature on discord while playing PlayStation 4.

for those who might intend on using these for or as regular headphones basically for music listening away from home and transit with your Smartphone, I was able to verify Bluetooth signal 64 linear feet was how far I could get before the signal started to crackle.

And for gaming for the wireless transmitter on the wireless model it does use 2.4 gigahertz frequency with low latency I was able to confirm 48 linear feet before the audio started to crackle.


So right before I started talking about comfort I absolutely love this feature here you can share your audio from one of these headsets to any other pair of headphones for.

this is the first time for me but could be acting at 3 1/2 millimeter chord from one headset to another brand it doesn’t have to be SteelSeries you’re able to split the audio connection your friend just won’t have these same surround sound performance.

But at least both you guys can sit there and hear what’s going on the screen.

Steelseries Arctis 7 Wireless Review 2020

Physical features

Now getting back to that physical features let’s talk about comfort and both headsets are average in weight with other premiums here at headsets the wired version comes in at350 grams.

The wireless version comes in at grams not making these any lighter or heavier than most of the other headsets on the market.

Now as light partner for me here I was hoping there’d be lighter,

now while wearing these for several hours straight it took some time to get used to at first I did feel a slight pinch at the crown of my head here.

But after extending the band and finding that sweet spot these performed on par with the competitors comfortable enough.

But I was again hoping for hence if these days to feel even lighter now although the wireless model was heavier though than these a rewired one there wasn’t much of a difference in experiences the earpads are comfortable for me.

and work in a Pro 2 degree room office basically for a little over 2 hours straight gaming I’ve never had any kind of ear sweats or weird fatigue around the ears.

Probe wireless

Now last upon the Probe wireless model thankfully behind this backplate here there is a replaceable battery the retail package does offer two batteries.

 And each one of these lasts up to 10hours which is great a huge benefit when one battery dies there’s already another one that’s pushed in or inside the gaming wireless transmitter itself.

So that way you’ll never have to recharge your batteries essentially you might never have to be encountered or encounter a dead battery situation.

Now, these headsets included a retractable mic highly positionable both headsets features RGB lighting at the end here for you to customize here’s a quick audio sample.

Microphone Test

Steelseries Arctis 7 Wireless Review (3)
Steelseries Arctis 7 Wireless Buying Guide

Alright, guys here is the microphone test is completely unedited completely natural here now we’ve tasted some pretty darn good headsets with some very good mics in the past.

I’ve noticed even the good ones these sound nasally they make me sound a little bit congested you guys hearing a 100%natural here this is Probably the least congested that I’ve sounded so far this one the best microphones for gaming that I have used.

Now it’s a test out background noise just case you have like your I don’t know your mom yelling you in the background your brother’s playing around your dad’s you know not being quiet while you’re playing.

let’s test out some background noise Ian can just say something in the background I don’t know I’m are you good at fortnight man by any chance.

He said he’s pretty terrible I don’t have you guys heard that but we’ll find out in post-Production but he had this is the most natural test here completely unedited back to the review.

Digital to analog converter

Alright, guys getting into the digital to analog converter on the 7 Plus model now SteelSeries offers their own DAC.

But this is gaming first certified high res audio system SteelSeries is claiming up to 40,000 Hertz are reProduced while standard headsets Produced 20 mm.

 They also claimed their ESS saber chip gives off high fidelity full resolution audio Plus this is the first-ever headset to offer DTS X version 2.

 Sounds amazing and sounds Promising but let’s see what the deck offers first and then I’ll give you my audio test right afterward.

Now the Pro Plus game deck model is a small module that’s connected via USB no need to connect the supplied optical cable if you’re using this on PlayStation 4 you need to then connect both connections.

Steelseries Arctis 7 Wireless Review 2020
Steelseries Arctis 7 Wireless Review 2020

Audio experience

Now everything feels high-quality and responsive just like the headset themselves but the plastic screen covering the OLED display it’s unfortunately very easily scratch BAL.

 The informational screen is very much viewable in even bright room situations bright light situations and it’s very straightforward and easy to use.

 Both headsets do offer a built-in equalizer and these headsets tune very well here making subtle adjustments does reflect in the audio experience and thankfully it doesn’t distort.

The audio mixer makes for fine-tuning the in-game chat and your gaming audio very easy as well.

I’ll take a closer look at the Pro Bowlers model it is slightly different it’s a slightly different interface that utilizes err is still present and like on both headsets you can control own allowing you to control how much you can hear your own voice in game.

Sound quality

Steelseries Arctis 7 Wireless Review

Guys first up both headsets perform very similar to each other despite one being on a dedicated deck while the other one is on a wireless transmitter.

Now both were able to get loud enough for comfortable and just enough for competitive gaming that if they were not loud enough for you be sure to adjust the vibe limiter on the deck or wireless transmitter.

Now seconds when you’re putting these on for the first time they’re going to sound extremely well balanced.

 But also very flats going to be flat across the board and I would highly recommend customizing the equalizer to the way that you want it to here’s a quick demo.

now once I tuned it the base was much deeper for explosions footsteps and objects dropping in-game the mid-range and high notes were pushed a bit more forward making me more my new details much more appearance not to mention my special awareness was increased quite a bit.

The audio from footsteps to directions of gunshots was imProved and maybe immersion that much more enjoyable and it does give you a much more competitive edge.

the fortnight worked well with hearing gunshots off in a distance and hearing where it was coming from identifying where the competition might be perched up and sniping from during my time testing.

it’s no question highly detailed from my experience with no listening fatigue no screeching pierces from bullets here overall a very balanced headset one flat but also highly tuneable when you use the EQ.

My opinion

Now overall the biggest highlight from the artists 7 line is how clean the audio is and how accurate it can be.

Now the only critique is wishing there was more of an open soundstage, in general, I wanted just a little bit more audio separation and just an airiness that you get some from games at times.

now the last benefit these headsets also work on the PlayStation 4 and it makes a world of difference I had the same performance on my PlayStation 4 as I did on my PC but I’ve been using a typical 3.5millimeter pair of headphones or earphones.

And when playing over the years making that transition over to the DAC for the first time tremendously helps you or bring out the surround sound experience by considering.

This is an all-in-one audio system that works across the board here there’s value there rather than buying two separate headsets.

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  1. Very light weight
  2. Audio Quality Is Awesome
  3. User experience is really good
  4. Comes with high quality materials
  5. Comes with water Proofing technology


So I hope this article helped you in some way be sure to LIKE and share with your friends and family. guys take care now see you on the next one bye


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