Anker Soundcore Boost Speaker Review

Hey everyone Devid with another super cool and so affordable speaker. I know I’ve been testing a lot of speakers on the site recently a good handful of you have requested for me to review more budget-friendly products I’ve been reading the comments. so today I’ll be looking at the sound core boost that Ankur sent over it retails for just $60.

Going over the physical features it’s confirmed the sound core boost falls into the small speaker category making it ideal if portability is high on the list.

Now it’s very similar in size and weight to the JBL flip 4 and Sony XP 20 but keep in mind despite how small and light it is it’s squared off on all corners.

While some of the aforementioned competitors are much rounder you can beat a judge if this thought works for you or not then the top and bottom offer this unique-looking rubberized plastic and gives off a recycled paper-like appearance.

Here I was giving it this eco-friendly look it’s pretty cool but one thing I would critique though I do wish the rubberized texture was gripper when I picked it up it is somewhat slippery if you’re not holding it without thinking about it.

Nonetheless, the speaker still gives off a feeling of a perfect quality product the surrounding fabric grille looks great too, and overall it doesn’t feel cheap.

Now the sound core also features the IPX5 rating identical to Sony Bluetooth speakers I’ve recently tested its only splash-proof so you can’t submerge this underwater like the JBL flip 4.

Now looking at the top I’ll be better at level indicators is on your left with NFC pairing on your right now off your buns in-between are responsive with a physical press you have a pause and play you can skip songs with a double press on the center button.

However, there’s no way to go back to your previous song which was somewhat of a letdown however with that same button you can activate Google Voice assistants or Siri.

If you’d like the last is this up button which is a bass boost or bass enhancement feature which I’ll discuss later in my audio test.

We’re rotating to the side the boost has a charge port which neither one of my competitors has if your phone is running low on a battery plug in a USB cord to your phone and use the sound card just like a power bank.

And although anchor is number one in power bank sales that’s what they’re known for Unfortunately you don’t get quick chart capabilities with this now regarding better life anchor claims up to 12 hours of use and in my testing at 50% Vaughn with the bass boost feature on it.

I was able to get 7 hours and 13 minutes to be exact before the speaker died I ran the same exact test with my Sony XP 20 and was able to achieve 9 hours and 8 minutes.

Instead of moving on to Bluetooth range Ankur claims up to 66 feet and with my testing, I was able to achieve about 95 linear feet of the range which is outrageous having to signal to go through two walls and some cabinets never did I lose signal last but not least the built-in speakerphone is quite good at all lengths of standing.

Away from the speaker never did the sound cord boost cause my voice to echo or give off a sound as though I was in a bathroom I do admit though although standing from 3 to5 feet away my voice was still oddly quieter than the competition.

So finally to the moment you’ve been waiting for here, I’ll play several songs for you guys and then I’ll give you my verdict afterward.

We won we made a promise we’d always stay we were close we always said to the end of days I tried to hold your clothes when you pulled away it was time to let me go.

The first time you fire this thing up you’re going to notice the anger has bass the sound core gets deep it’s resonating it’s quite impressive at how low this thing can go it’s even deeper than the beats pill plus which is also a bass-heavy speaker deeper than DJ bill for forehand Sony XP 20 now with all that bass there’s minimal distortion and you don’t have that nasty fluttering that you get with cheaper models.

Now how does this affect the mid-range as with bassy speakers especially cheap ones sometimes they can distort and give off this muddy presence with the sound core boost you don’t get that listen to generals of hip-hop rap pop music and EDM it all sounds great the mid-range is still very much pronounced and provides an immersive experience and for those in this price range you’re going to be happy on the flip side.

But with my test, if you don’t have all three of these speakers side by side at home playing them back-to-back that sound core is still great to listen to as for the high notes I didn’t hear any tingling or ear-piercing notes Audio separation is not much apparent as with most Bluetooth speakers small or large and the soundstage is also absent again very similar to most Bluetooth speakers out there.

In the end, I’m really impressed by the audio performance if you’re on a budget and looking for a Bluetooth speaker, in general, the sound core is worthy to look into now despite its shortcomings they aren’t very short in my opinion the only issue I’ll consider is really its battery life.


  • So affordable
  • Very easy to carry
  • Very good quality buttery life
  • Very good sound quality


  • Till now we didn’t found any problems


So guys comment in the comments section below let me know what you think is this something that you would consider buying or not is the better life enough for your needs I would be interested in hearing your thoughts again you guys take care and I will see you and the next one bye

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