Hey everyone this is David if you’ve been reading an article I know really gives them a lot of praise well Audioengine decided to raise the bar once again and release a bigger speaker.

Audioengine HD6 Speaker Review

It’s completely redesigned here with different components for the woofers and tweeters and the cabinets have been beefed up as well now they’re a pretty penny though at $469 retail as of this article for a pair.

But they might be worth it we’ll see in this review I’ll place a link in the top and below of the article, you can click on that to check what the updated prices are today so without further ado let’s get started.

I’m here to help you make a purchase decision welcome everyone with my review.

Audioengine HD6 Speaker

Audioengine HD6 Wireless Speaker

  • The Build quality is top class plays USB
  • Floor Standing

Physical Features

Going over the physical features first these come in two different wood veneers walnut and cherry or if you’d like these do come in this satin black option.

Which comes painted on regarding size to ensure this fits on your desk as they’re quite big each cabinet measures 11 and 3/4 inches tall 7 and a quarter inches wide and 10 inches from the front to the rear.

Design, Size & weight

Now if you’re intending on using speaker stands the heaviest speaker weighs in at 17 and a half pounds and on the bottom, it does feature a half a quarter-inch thread looking at the front Audioengine like some of its other products includes a magnetic grille.

Which stays on very well from accidental bumps or when music is blasting behind here the woofer is bigger than the 5 + model coming in at 5.5 inches and the new dome silk tweeter is an inch India meter staying on the front the left speaker.

Does have your volume control knob which also allows you to put the speaker into sleep mode and there’s LED lights to indicate when the speaker is on or not the only thing that I found missing here that would very much.

It has been very helpful is a volume level indicator now rotating to the back and this is one of the things that the audio engine is really emphasizing on is its versatility starting with the very top Bluetooth comes standard to wirelessly.


You can connect this with your smartphone or other Bluetooth enabled devices Audioengine unfortunate doesn’t have a built indiscreet antenna.

so an external one is provided but you can always turn this downward to hide it from sight now the connection has worked great from one side of the house and walking downstairs to the other side my phone has never lost connection.

Next is the tried-and-true three-and-a-half millimeter input and directly below that is a speed of connection for a 2 slink cable which every Bluetooth player PlayStation Xbox and I’m sorry every computer.

Now a days has now this would be the best audio connection providing a lossless signal RCA in and out stereo connections are provided.

And if you happen to purchase a subwoofer from the audio engine or use a different brand.

You can connect the subwoofers LFE cable to the right RCA output for that to work I might have missed that in the instruction booklet but now you know moving down because this is obviously a stereo setup audio engine does provide a16-gauge speaker wire 13 feet in length or 4 meters for those outside of the US.

Audioengine HD6 Speaker Review

Speaker stand

Graciously they include very simple banana plugs which basically stand-in and stays firmly connected if you need something longer than 13 feet you can always purchase your own speaker wire and twist the ends into the connections.

Here very little is the on and off switch the power cord port on the bottom and to the left is a heat sink for the built-in amplifier.

Now I never was concerned about the heat generated as the HD 6 only remained warm when these speakers were blasting over for the time of moving these around to different rooms testing these with different devices.

Physical Build Quality

The physical build quality has been exceptional and that wood veneer held up really well there are no Nick’s or scratches that I’ve seen the only areas that I would physically critique as I mentioned earlier volume indicator knob or bottom indicator.

in general, would have been nice but oddly you do receive all the wires that you need to connect this except for the To slink cable I mean it’s only like a 3 or 5 dollar cable but it’s all minor and not deal-breakers these issues and I’m bringing up here but something I just really noticed that’s all.

Sound Quality

Moving onto sound quality I’ll play several samples for you guys and I’ll play through your speakers are not the best depiction of audio quality but hence my review here bass is simply amazing for a two-site setup these of course won’t vibrate your walls or cause picture frames to slightly rattle.

But on quality sound files and more recent modern date music bass is very punchy and almost full-bodied it doesn’t sound bass boosted as they do have a more natural sound to them.

Yeah it’s still very very solid it’s very pleasant and deep enough for most people regarding the mid-range with neither vocals it’s clear, not bright nor flat and it complements the rest of the audio range very well.


  • The Build quality is top class
  • Sound quality is best
  • You will get all of that connection


  • Little bit expensive but worth it.

Vocal Performances

Now testing these add more recent artists with strong vocal performances like Adele and Alicia Keys their voices sound amazing with clarity and distinction regarding the higher frequencies these are very good with retaining details of snare drums banging and cymbal crashes.

but the only thing that I did notice and it’s not apparent right away at least not for me the top-end are ever so slightly laid-back or gentle again testing with Adele and Alicia Keys when they do exhaust their breath into the higher notes the higher frequencies just ever.

so would cut off and you would lose just a little bit of that depth it’s not bad at all not even close critiquing as an audiophile that’s something that I did slightly notice touching based on sound separation basically left.

and right audio sites separation is apparent and you’ll appreciate it but the overall soundstage for music listening isn’t as open as I would have hoped so hearing some instruments or singers sounding like they’re in the back while other band members here are in the front wasn’t as evident as for movies.

My Recombination

These speakers do wonders and I would highly recommend them for providing deep bass for voices in audio separation a soundstage does much better for movie reading however vs. music listening.

If you’re curious about room sizes small medium-sized rooms hands down these would do great in large open room slash studios these would still do great but it’s more for general listening.

But to conclude although at first, the price tag sounds high compared to bookshelf speakers and for under $1000 you get a very versatile system that can clear some clutter here because you don’t need a separate amplifier.

There’s possibly no need for a subwoofer on your taste and when you do add in the audio performance again these are amazing for entertaining yourself and those in the room.

Audioengine HD6 Speaker

Audioengine HD6 Wireless Speaker

  • The Build quality is top class plays USB
  • Floor Standing


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