Bose sound sport Free Review

hey, everyone, I’m David trying to bring you guys the newest stuff in the market Bose just released their sound sport wireless earphones geared towards Fitness fans out there now they come in 2 colors aqua which I have here, and then there’s that stuff all-black model I did personally pay for this at the retail price of one hundred and fifty dollars making these slightly cheaper than some of the premium models out there.

But we’ll see how these go though as always I’ll place my links in the article below click on my links and they will give you the most updated prices in real-time and if you decide to buy of course this will help support my site.

So without further ado, David and I are here to help you make a purchase decision and welcome everyone to another review going over the physical features.

first I do admit these are a bit bigger than what I anticipated but of course, looks are subjective now although there are audio ports exposed Bose claims these are to be water in sweat-resistant, and for my testing spring water all over these.

Bose sound sport Free

Wireless Headphones

  • Great sound
  • Lightweight
  • Very comfortable
  • Beautiful design

Physical Overview

the Bose sound sports still works perfectly fine now looking at the right earphone there’s your power button up top LEDs to indicate when this is fully charged or almost dead in regards to battery life and a Bluetooth connection indicator on the bottom there is a micro USB port for charging the sound sports and Bose is claiming up to six hours of use which is somewhat in the mid-range when you’re comparing with other sport your phones on the market at 50% vibe I was able to get 7 hours and 4 minutes worth of use.

Build quality

Now moving on with the physical bill the left ear doesn’t have any physical buttons or features but moving down the cord here it’s thick and feels very durable while still being very flexible tossing these into my bag without the included case they never tangled or under abuse they held up really well.


now there is an inline controller with volume up and down with a pause play and song skipping feature and this does work for both Apple and Android devices the only thing though the buttons are very firm compared to any other earphones I’ve tested also when pressing the buttons you do feel the buttons slide from side to side from time to time which was a bit unusual at first it’s not a deal-breaker.

But I do admit you do get used to it after your first use or two but something I wanted to point out.

now last the inline controller does come with NFC or near field communication built-in which is very handy tap your NFC compatible phone and the earphones pair with your device automatically last you can use this as a headset for phone calls and testing this with several friends my voice is very clear it does pick up some background noise though.

But at least my voice didn’t sound far away or distorted it performs very well though.

Sound quality

so I would still give them a shot regarding wire noise when you are running the wires can bounce around or rub against shirts but these sound sports do very well not carrying any noise into the earphones.

When music is going you don’t hear the wires bouncing around at all something to look into when you are looking for earphones in general and last regarding sound quality in BOCES fashion here they still provide a very nice clean audio signature it’s not loud or brash.

But a sound signature that is very easy to listen to even at loud violence you won’t have hearing fatigue after you’re done using them.

now Bose is claiming to have a dynamic volume optimized equalizer soothe sound characteristics would change as you adjust vine up and down I didn’t notice really much of a change but it all happens behind the scenes but in general here base is punchy fast and accurate it’s not deep sub-bass it doesn’t Rumble like the powerbeats2 or has a bass booster signature like the jbl products.

Battery Life

there’s a battery level indicator volume adjustment if you go into settings you can adjust the power downtime period when the earphones are not in use turn on or off the voice prompts and manage your parrot devices

Other than that there are no audio profiles there’s no app equalizer or a music player built-in so that’s everything on the new bose sound support wireless.

Here I really do like them and the audio signature is very clean the fit was good but not the greatest to me.


if you prefer that more accurate and clean audio signature the bose performs well in that aspect regarding the mids it’s clear and accurate once again it isn’t bright at all nor is it recessed or boxy it really performs right in the middle of the audio spectrum feeling unaltered but the highs are distortion-free and turn this up at much higher violence there’s noting or ear ringing I do admit though the top-end doesn’t sound as detailed though as.

I would have hoped top hats cymbal crashes and the likes were not as acute at louder vibes sensing there some roll-off from Bose to keep the audio signature safe from going overboard.


  • Good build quality
  • Very comfortable
  • Good battery life
  • Beautiful design


  • NO

Overall review

now regarding soundstage, there isn’t much there but I have noticed that most sport earphones I’ve reviewed so far don’t provide much of a sounds tag anyways the only brand that does provide a very expansive experience has been j-bird, and less regarding wireless range these work perfectly walked from one side of the house to the other and downstairs as well the signal never broke or degraded.

When going through several walls and the first-floor ceiling last both introduced their own app when they released the bose qc25 headphones and a sound sport here works with the same app just like the QC 35s experience there isn’t much there.

Bose sound sport Free

Wireless Headphones

  • Great sound
  • Lightweight
  • Very comfortable
  • Beautiful design


However, they were very comfortable again check out my links below for the updated prices and be sure to share this article. If you haven’t followed me on Facebook Twitter or Instagram then flow me. You guys take care and I’ll see you in the next one bye

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