Hey guys this is David I’m giving another chance to JBL with their JBL reflect flow.

Their ear filling they’re comfortable they might be better than the last one I’ve reviewed but we’ll see how all this adds up when I’m running my battery test spraying water all over these things and of course how is the audio performance

JBL Reflect Flow Review in 2020

Here my review was not altered in any way I’ll be going over both pros and cons.

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Alright, guys, I’m David and I’m here to help you guys make that purchase decision welcome everyone to another review

JBL Reflect Flow Review in 2020

JBL Reflect Flow 

  • True Wireless Earbuds
  • Good build quality
  • Waterproof
  • Bluetooth sport headphones

Physical features of JBL Reflect Flow

The door over the physical features first these things are thick kind of reminding me of how the Sennheiser truly wireless Momentum’s were.

But you do get these little silicone ear tips and ear wings that helps with stabilization but testing this thing to determine

How much they wiggle and move for casual everyday use

they’re perfectly fine for working out specifically running at least at my ears hear they do loosen a bit though and I would have to press them back into my ears from the time to time.

Now it could be quite huge for a reason here maybe great battery life we’ll see here but maybe there won’t be great for workout earphones.

But for everyday listening, they might sound great as well. Speaking of the size I’m really pushing for true rods that your feelings that don’t extend beyond my ears a lot of marketing material shows these signup people’s faces.

but let me put my face on the line here let me look street at you right in your eyes you can see the side profile just kind of stick out a little bit here you might be okay with that me personally with my small head I’m not big on it.

JBL Reflect Flow’s Waterproof Test

Moving on these is IP seven certified mini they are able to take a submersion of water up to 1meter that’s about 3.3 feet and up to 30 minutes.

This is one of the highest for truly wireless earphones. And with my personal testing drop this into a cup of water just start working perfectly fine today.

Now getting a closer look the physical buns are responsive but instead of a soft press affirm press is needed to pause or play.

With a double press on the Left earphones, you can skip a track or on the right earphone, you can actually do a double press to activate your voice assistant.

The actions missing which I think are a real letdown here there’s no physical button to go back on a song and there’s no physical button to adjust the volume.

But on the left ear from at least, you get this thing called to talk through which is ambient wear but not to the full degree here the microphone turns on and some of the audio outsides is pumped into your ears.

so you can hear the other person in a little bit of yourself so you’re not screaming at that person with one more press that is you do get ambient to where the full-blown audio awareness setting here for your surroundings.

Power & Buttery Life of the JBL Reflect Flow

Now talking about power this is most likely why these things are huge they’re up to 10 hours per use on these things which is on the very upper end of truly wild earphones.

Now read my battery test that 50% bomb from full to dead than actually get 9 hours in 10 minutes which is insane.

Now most of my truly wireless earphones although have improved their averaging around 6 to maybe 6 hours and 15 minutes or 6 hours and 20 minutes.

So at the moment, no fast charging is included with 10 minutes on the charger giving you an hour’s worth of music playback total use this includes the case.

Here the JBL reflect flows offer up to 30 hours worth of use which is again happy very high and it’s awesome it’s excellent speaking of power.

JBL Reflect Flow’s Earphones case builds quality and features

Here goes the case here I like the look. It’s on the chunkier side of things but again the better life does justify in my personal opinion the only thing not justified though.

The case charges by using a micro USB cord and not the latest USB C.

Bluetooth connection of JBL Reflect Flow

Alright, let’s test that Bluetooth connection Bluetooth 5.0 not four or five here is featured which it won’t be beaten at the moment the higher version available is bluetooth5.1 a super new here.

This offers some minor enhancements but at the time of this article, no other mainstream earphones even offer that at least I don’t think.

Bluetooth 5.0 is perfect in my opinion for music my pixel 4 XL here I’m able to walk 99% of my 1100 square foot apartment testing this with the article there are no syncing delays on both YouTube and Netflix.

Also tested to confirm you can take off either one of these earphones and leave it nearby and still have music playing I tested and confirmed as well this does not offer multi-parent.

if I’m pairing from my phone to my pixel let’s say I would have two unpaired from my iPhone first before I can establish a connection I might pick.

So it’s quite a nuisance especially for those who use these earphones for their phones and then their computers and swap them interchangeably throughout the day.


  • Build quality is really awesome
  • Beautiful smart looking
  • Long lusting buttery life
  • Water Proof


  • Fail to pair multiple devices at a time

Audio Quality of JBL Reflect Flow

Now both again let’s talk about audio here first up let’s knock out this microphone test first and then we’ll discuss the music.

Alright, guys here now these are not necessarily a hundred percent noise-isolating these don’t wedge into the ear canal but more so creates a decent seal around the opening.

Some do prefer this and it is more comfortable but your audio might not be as direct and is impactful as others as for volume these do get loud 50 % for casual listening is good 70 % negative people are blocked out.

And I am in a trance here at 70 % now base wise if you have a good seal on these this is JBL audio signature for sure.

Its punchy bass boosted audio that complements pop hip-hop and EDM really well. It’s enough and it’s within reason that doesn’t sound muddy or distorted.

The mid-range where most instruments and vocals are heard by the human ear again very much in JBL’s audio signatures fashion here it’s for dove bass so it doesn’t sound muffled or recess it’s not bright.

but the Fordyce cares itself to make vocal performance identifiable you can hear the vocals you can hear the instruments to a good degree these could use a bit more resolution or detail, to be honest with you guys and also the soundstage is lacking.

but stereo separation at least they left or right site is very good the high notes could use a bit more snap and the top but JBL plays it safe to prevent them from being dingy or ear ringing.

And because of is virtually no listening fatigue from my testing for several hours straight.

But honestly, that little extra Sparkle up top would have maybe sounded just a bit better. Overall not the best but for the price, though I think they’re in competition with the Jabra 75 tees in regards to durability waterproofing better life is insane.

I just wish multi-parent was available volume controls for God’s sakes and a slight improvement for stability and weight on these would make these practical mints they’re not bad but I would see if they’re on sale before buying.

JBL Reflect Flow Review in 2020

JBL Reflect Flow 

  • True Wireless Earbuds
  • Good build quality
  • Waterproof
  • Bluetooth sport headphones


All right guys I hope you guys enjoy this article and find this article is helpful. So guy please share this article with your friends and family. For now, bye guys see you with another new article.

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