Klipsch T5 True Wireless Earbuds Review

Hey, what is going on team gyms review room man I’ve been waiting for these since they’ve shown the photos this is the clipped t5 truly wireless earphones as always being transparent with clips didn’t send these in for review.

however my assessment was not altered in any way I’ll be going over both pros and cons now these are currently priced at $199 dollars at the time of this article I’ll go ahead and leave my affiliate links down below click on my links for the most updated prices in real-time, you never know when these things might go on sale.

I’m David and I’m here to help you guys make that purchase decision welcome everyone to another review.

Klipsch T5 True Wireless Earbuds

Wireless Earbuds

  • Great sound
  • Lightweight
  • Charging case
  • Universal Compatibility
  • Connectivity technology: Bluetooth

Physical features

So going over the physical features, now comfort-wise these were really interesting take a look at the port here or some call it the nozzle it sticks out quite a bit.

Now, this is during or doing mostly the heavy lifting the ear tips and this nozzle provides most of the effort to prevent them from falling out of your ear.

But as you can imagine it’s preparing these two other truly wireless earphones these don’t fill in the bowl of your ear.

Now the T 5 does feel comfortable though and they do stay in very secure when you’re sitting and with some casual walking as well.

As much as the competition and they the t5 to do feel light and airy but if you’re the more active person at least with me I notice the seal slightly gets loose since.

The earbuds have a chance to wiggle around a little bit more here hopefully the article demonstrates this well for you guys at home.

Now aside from that these are not marketed as sports earphones but they are rated at an IP four rating MIDI this can be splashed from any direction and with my testing the teeth eyes are still working today.


Now looking at the buttons everything is listed on your screen one thing I want to point out these buns are not too sensitive and I’ve noticed if I simply press in again.

Because there’s not so much contact with a bowl of your ear you’re as pushing the ear tip into your ear canal once again and this can be uncomfortable for some.

It does take a little bit of muscle memory to tweeze the earbuds with your fingers and then press with your thumb.

So now the one feature I see missing at the time of this article is the ability to allow ambient noise basically noise in your environment to be pumped into your earphones.


The clips doe’s state there will be an app that will offer this feature plus EQ settings and battery level indicator on you’re peas well.

But unfortunately, it’s not here just yet so stay tuned

Bluetooth performance & coverage

umping into Bluetooth performance this has the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology which is a huge plus at the moment your future-proofing yourself clips does disclose.

This has app-text which can provide up to CD-like audio quality but more on my real-world audio assessment very soon that was a tongue twister no testing the Bluetooth range though I’m only achieving about 50% of my apartment before the signal starts to crackle.

if you’re okay with roughly about 20 or 25 feet from here with a wall in between then you’ll be fine but the majority of the competition especially those with Bluetooth 5.0.

I can easily achieve 80 to90% coverage.

Now as for parent being transparent clips did send me one unit prior to this the one that’s working right here and for the life of me the original unit the initial unit was not pairing.

it would or could be possibly defective a second unit was sent to me and appeared perfectly fine the pairing though was a little unusual a little bit out the ordinary here.

because in the Bluetooth menu and I’ll show you here it actually shows left and right earbuds all the other competitors haven’t shown this yet but you can select either one a pair and once it’s paired every time you take out the t5 from its case.

It establishes the connection automatically the second one has worked perfectly fine.

Klipsch T5 True Wireless Earbuds Review

Further testing

now further testing I did confirm I was not able to pair 2 devices at the same time if I’m using this on my phone and then I get to my desk and want to switch to my computer via Bluetooth I have 2 unpaired my phone and then repair it to the next device.

which is my computer here a little nuisance because of that now I also test it and confirm the connection between both earphones will stay intact if you take one of these ear buds off like

Battery performance

So now jumping into battery performance the t5 s has this gorgeous case here I really liked it some said it’s huge.

But honestly, from a design standpoint I can really appreciate this all-metal design it’s different it’s cool to the touch and this is an obvious statement here but it just simply looked solid just sitting on my desk.

this hasps C for charging which is a plus to future-proof yourself the case itself holds an additional 24 hours of battery while the earphones themselves clips is claiming up to eight powers of performance that’s a total of 32 hours.

Which I believe is class-leading at the moment but testing those eight hours that Clips claims at 50% and I’m from full to dead like all my other earphones.

Here I was able to achieve only 5 hours and 27 minutes worth of performance I did this a second time to make sure I didn’t mess anything up here and I got 5 hours and 21 minutes I was hoping we would achieve something a little bit closer to that claimed number.

Audio performance or speakerphone test

But anyways guys let’s get into the real quick speakerphone test and then it will jump into the audio performance.

Now before doing so please be sure to follow my personal Instagram or Twitter handles down. the Eclipse t5 chili relish your phone’s right now there is a very light breeze happening too light to moderate about you might be able to pick that up.

on the microphone also parts even five pretty soon here get that fixed up in the iPhone or if my voice is sitting pretty poor for at the moment so coming down below let me go let me put what you guys think and put.

So let’s touch base on the sound first these get loud enough for most people 50% environment for casual listening70 to 75% environment to have that loud yet safe listening experience.

Klipsch T5 True Wireless Earbuds Review


  • Smart look
  • Very easy to use
  • Good build quality


  • NO

Starting with bass

Make sure you have a good seal on these and the base does hit to a balanced or natural level these are not base heavy but provides a decent punchy amount comparing to the Jabrae lite sports.

Which are older but still a great performer The Dropper sounded to go a little bit deeper and offer some Basie resonance and that bottom and the j-bird run XTS are very base boosted.

and then you get up to the power beats pro base levels which is very deep virtually wireless earphones the clips t5 sits around or just ever so slightly below the Jabra model to give you somewhat of an idea of how basic.

These are themed-range is very similar as well it is a clean audio signature nothing seems to be artificial the signature is natural the mid-range isn’t bright nor recessed.

Now I personally would have preferred vocals to be slightly more forward or having slightly more fidelity or resolution, especially on the upper mid-range frequencies from my experience the T 5 is right there.

the middle though the high frequencies again was identical as well it could use a bit more of a bump on the top end to mix layers pop a bit but in general, I didn’t notice any kind of screeching or tingling in the high notes in general.

It’s simply Pleasant now you do get sound separation to help identify instruments and vocal work but that soundstage wasn’t as wide as I would have hoped.

Overall these earphones from my assessment is good and execute the audio in a very well-balanced manner.

Further testing

if that floats your vote I highly recommend these by themselves they sound really good but time and time again listening to other competitors back to back I can sense the ever so slightly subtle differences and those competitors have a little bit more Sparkle a bit more detail in a slightly wider soundstage job run Bose comes to mind j-bert is quite boosted in every aspect which is a totally different category here but over eclipsed again like I said it is good but I’m telling you back to back if you’re looking for a slightly more alive audio experience.

Klipsch T5 True Wireless Earbuds

Wireless Earbuds

  • Great sound
  • Lightweight
  • Charging case
  • Universal Compatibility
  • Connectivity technology: Bluetooth


let me know your thoughts would be interesting to hear what you guys think as always be sure to follow me on my social media handles go ahead and pull up Twitter and Instagram be looking forward to seeing you guys there I’ll leave the links down below So guys I’ll catch you guys on the next one hopefully this article helped you in some way bye.


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