Loudest Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Hello and welcome to the quick top 5 in today’s article I will show you some of the loudest and best-sounding portable Bluetooth speakers available on the market today. 

All products in this list are linked in the description box below and pinned comments so you can check their prices and in-depth specifications. 

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  • Massive Sound + Extreme Bass.
  • SuperMassive, Super Dynamic.
  • Connect, Play, Switch.
  • Adaptive Equalizer
  • Spill and Splash Proof.


First on our list is the UE hyper boom over the year UE has been constantly offering Bluetooth speakers that can go very loud with long-lasting playtime all in an adorable enclosure. 

Their newest and largest hyper boom is no exception while its output is not completely 360degrees like we got used to from their speakers. 

The sound is still projected at 45degrees which gives great sound dispersion compared to other speakers that have a direct output at the front, 

With two four-and-a-half-inch woofers one-inch dedicated tweeters and large back-firing passive radiators. 

This speaker will properly fill the room with sound, especially when placed near a corner, with the help of its built-in microphone. 

The adaptive eq feature ensures the sound is never too boomy or bright regardless if you place the speaker in a small room or outside near the pool. 

In addition to that, the UE app also offers a 5-band equalizer so you can manually dial in the sound you prefer but you also have the option to use the already built-in equalizer presets. 

Where this speaker really shines is the sheer volume and punch at the highest levels while most speakers compress the bass at high volumes. 

The hyper boom is able to maintain the kick while being very loud for its size for an even louder sound you can connect the hyper boom to the rest of the UE lineup in case your friends own another portable speaker. 

The hyper boom is splash-proof so accidental spills or sudden rain won’t damage it and the battery life can last up to24 hours at a moderate volume, 

Like many larger speakers these days this one also has a USB output port to charge devices like phones or tablets in case they’re running low. 

It also has an optical and aux input to easily connect other non-Bluetooth devices such as TVs and turntables. 

We would have liked to see the charging be done through a USB type-c port, but unfortunately, it needs a proprietary charger. 

Assume that is because of the higher power needed to charge and power compared to smaller Bluetooth speakers and the USB plug simply can’t handle that.


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Next up is the Marshall Tufton Marshall is one of the most iconic brands we’ve probably all seen on almost every stage at rock concerts. 

They’ve been making guitar cabinets and amplifiers since the 1960s and recently entered the portable Bluetooth speaker market with a variety of models. 

The Tufton is their biggest and loudest battery-powered portable, the first thing that strikes you about this speaker is its design. 

Their approach is to maintain the looks of their classic guitar combos and personally, I really like the vintage classy look. 

And while the outside doesn’t look modern the inside is packed with the latest technology and parts. 

The tuft and features a Bluetooth 5-chip battery pack that offers up to 20 hours of playtime and a four-site digital amplifier to power the large front woofer a soft dome tweeter and two full-range drivers. 

One of them emits the sound from the back of the speaker a technology that Marshall calls bloom line which basically creates a very spacious. 

Immersive sound from a single speaker unit on the top of the speaker you’ll find next to an elegant battery indicator. 

Base and treble knobs give you the option to easily fine-tune the sound to your taste, just like the previously mentioned hyper boom. 

The tuft on can also withstand a little water with its ipx2 rating and thanks to its iconic corner caps and metal mesh grille it can take most bumps without issues. 

The speaker has a built-in power supply so all you need is an accord to power and charge the speaker and thanks to its quick charging capabilities just 20 minutes gets you four hours of portable playtime. 

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  • waterproof 
  •  24 hours of playtime
  • built-in power bank
  • Battery-Powered
  • Advanced Sound Features.


Moving forward we have the JBL boombox2. by now we all know that JBL is one of the biggest and oldest players in the portable Bluetooth speaker market with their very popular flip and charge speaker series. 

The boombox line has just been updated to its second generation and most things that weren’t quite right on their previous model are now fixed. 

For starters this thing’s base is incredible with the exception of very few other models, most Bluetooth speakers on the market today simply lack serious low bass. 

Not exactly sure why but my assumption is to preserve battery life since low bass consumes a lot of energy well. 

The boombox 2 is a different kind of beast for sure with its base digging deep at around 40hertz and surprisingly without sacrificing battery life probably thanks to more efficient amplifier circuits and higher sensitivity drivers. 

Besides the improved base compared to the boombox one treble is also much nicer and smoother the old one was slightly harsh sounding with some peaks in the lower treble. 

But that has been completely fixed for the new model thanks to its large capacity battery just like the hyper boom. 

the boombox 2also has a USB output port for charging your phone or tablet while still being able to play up to 24 hours depending on volume level while the design didn’t change much JBL went with the saying if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. 

The speaker is very durable and easily carryable thanks to its solid handle and with an ipx7 rating it’s completely waterproof, so it can even be thrown in the pool without suffering any damage. 

Inside the Bluetooth 5.1 chip sends the audio signal to a four-site digital amplifier which powers a couple of long-throw four-inch woofers and two soft dome tweeters with great dispersion. 


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  • Highest audio quality
  • Audio experiences
  • rechargeable battery
  •  plug in your mic or guitar
  •  lighting effect 


Lastly, the proprietary party boost feature allows you to connect with multiple JBL speakers for an even louder and more immersive sound experience. 

And since we’re talking about JBL fourth on our list is the even bigger and louder party box 100 in case you need an even louder Bluetooth speaker let’s say for a party. 

The JBL party box100 is definitely an option more suitable for larger events than the boombox 2, the party box 100 while being larger and louder ironically it’s also slightly cheaper than the boombox. 

But why you may ask well from my research it turns out that the party box has a slightly less refined sound than the boombox while still offering excellent value and honestly more powerful sound for your party. 

It’s called a party box for a reason, this thing features a 160-watt amplifier that powers a couple five and a quarter inch woofers and a pair of two-inch tweeters. 

And a large battery pack that ensures 12hours of music playback at a volume level of seven, connectivity-wise besides the obvious Bluetooth connection. 

It has a 3.5 millimeters aux input and a microphone and guitar jacks with volume control which can definitely come in handy at street performances and parties. 

other features include a true wireless stereo that enables the user to connect two-party box speakers wirelessly easy mounting on a post for an elevated positioning and RGB led light patterns at the front that indicate the volume level of the speaker. 


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  • Highest audio quality
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Amazing Sound
  • 40Hr Average Playtime
  • 3rd Gen


Lastly, our loudest and most rugged speaker on this list is the new soundbox3

Soundbox as a company was started by a group of young audio enthusiasts that simply wanted a powerful speaker that could handle the week-long festival’s indent mark. 

To ensure loud volume output and low battery consumption they went with high-efficiency time-tested pa drivers. 

Compared to traditional hi-fi drivers these pa drivers can get very loud on relatively little power thanks to their high sensitivity. 

The two 10-inch woofers and one-inch compression tweeter are powered by a three-site DSP-driven class d amplifier with 200 watts. 

And to ensure virtually infinite playtime the soundbox features a swappable rechargeable battery pack. 

Connectivity-wise the soundbox 3 uses the latest Bluetooth 5 chip to connect wirelessly with your devices. 

two microphone and instrument inputs one3.5 millimeters aux input and one signal output, the speaker can also be wirelessly daisy-chained with another five soundboxes and three speakers for an insane amount of sound output. 

The company also offers a mobile app that can be used as a remote control for the speaker and has a built-in equalizer, plus other sound options that help fine-tune the speaker to your liking. 

The construction is incredibly durable with a cabinet made of poplar wood powder-coated aluminum frame steel grille and handles and silicon ball corners to significantly reduce any impact shocks. 

A single swappable battery pack can last up to 40 hours at 50volume 5 hours at full volume and can be completely recharged within three and a half hours. 

Finally, the soundbox three is ip65 rated which means it can withstand mostly all-natural elements, so you can focus on the party and not worry about potential damage from accidental spills dust sand, or even rain. 


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