Hey, guys, these are the RHA true connect I personally owned the RHA T20 wired earphones and I loved those things, and if I ever were to do what headphones or earphones.

I personally use kind of article the T20s would be on that list we’ll see if it’s the same audio signature that comes through with these the true connects retails for $169 with a generous three-year warranty at the time of this review.

RHA True Connect Review In 2022

My assessment was not altered in any way as always I’ll be going over both pros and cons. I’ll also leave my affiliate links down in that article below click on my links for the most updated prices in real-time you never know when these things might go on sale.

I’m David and I’m here to help you guys make that purchase decision welcome everyone to another review.

RHA True Connect 

True Wireless Earbuds

  • Waterproof
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • Micro USB recharge cable included
  • Full charge time 2 hours

Physical features

Alright, don’t over the physical features first the earphones themselves feel great with a nice subtle coating over their entire body given this somewhat of a premium feel.

There is also a huge amount of ear tips provided by RHA including some comply foam noise isolating ear tips and the noise isolation does work.

But I did prefer the traditional silicone ear tips as those felt less likely to fall out of my ears when I’m wearing these truly wireless earphones.


Now jumping into comfort these are in-ear earphones meaning you have to jam these somewhat into your ears or ear canal like pejorative other truly wireless earphones on the market.

That’s your call if you’re okay with in-ear earphones or not but for me they are comfortable the bigger question though is they stable?

so I have worked out with these and also gone jogging with them as well they do stay in the ear quite well especially if you have a good deal on them if you can’t find the right match as a word of caution they feel as though they’re going to fall out.

The contact areas of support to keep them from wobbling around are the backside it’s somewhat resting on your ear lobes right here And the stem that goes slightly down below your ear.

It’s rare but it did happen I would find myself once in a while having to press these back into my ear during vigorous movements but never once did they fall out of my ear.


Now taking a closer look you also have the ability to activate Google Assistant and Siri also with Amazon’s voice assistant as Well by holding on to the bun for about a second and a half for the instructions.

Missing Features

Now the one feature that I saw missing and I know some would be upset about this it doesn’t have like ambient to wear or basically the microphones don’t turn on to let in your external environment you’ll always have excellent passive noise isolation.

These earphones are great for that, unlike many other truly wireless earphones they have the ability to again pump in your environmental noises so I can hear what’s going around you don’t get that with Raj.

Audio & phone calls

Now with my testing, you are able to take off either one of these earbuds and be able to listen to the other one here the audio simply doesn’t cut out.

Now when you’re making phone calls as well the true connect does play through both your phones as well now speaking of phone calls here goes a quick audio test.

the new throat connects this is without any kind of background noise I’m going to play some background music for you guys and see how it performs I just switched it on if the price should hear a little bit of noise in the background.

But let’s see if these microphones fight to basically separate my voice from the background audio or not let me know down in that comment section below.

Bluetooth performance

Now jumping into Bluetooth performance the true connect have Bluetooth 5.0that’s an awesome Bluetooth range that reached about 95% of my apartment.

and that’s really good as a signal does go through several walls here but compared to my let’s say the recent review the power beats pro that was able to reach every corner of my about 1100 square foot apartment right here.

so with that being said when it is working it’s great but there are times though when you do have connection issues at times my phone can’t finally truly connects to a pair and this was evident on both my brand new pixel and also tested on my iPhone as well.

And I’ve very few occasions the left earphone is not connected and only the right one would play after about a week I’ve noticed that happening a little bit less which is kind of out here.

But the fact that it does happen makes me throw some caution in the air so just is careful about that.

Multiple Connectivity’s

The earphones don’t seem to be able to be paired with two devices as well at the same time which was a total letdown.

But testing this with video YouTube and Netflix did play excellent it was in sync on both Android and Apple as well that’s when Bluetooth is actually working.

Water Proof

Now last but not least here are IP x5 rated mini that can take on sweat and Rayne these cannot be submerged though.

The protection is adequate and to be fair there are a good amount of other competitors with something similar like a happyx4 IPX may be IP x 5 rated as well.

But Jabra and jabber come to mind if you want that full submersion certification or peace of mind basically either I did spray the crap out of these things and they’re still working today.

Case Quality

The case provided feels very premium some might say that it’s big but I’m perfectly fine with this however when you first get this you need to build up this muscle memory sometimes when you open it you forget which one is for the right year.

But it’s stuff you can’t remember is it this one or is it this one sometimes when I jumble it up and open it and it’s is it on this site or this side I don’t know if they were to make this red dot which indicates the right earphone.

I wish they made that a little bit bigger I understand they’re going with this minimalist look trying to look a little bit more sophisticated you guys know how I love you know sophisticated looking stuff.

But the fact that when you first get this it’s not as intuitive as something with the earbud itself there’s a little tiny red dot but considering that’s kind of hidden.

I wish they made this just a little bit bigger maybe include the little letter R on there for us to visibly see it on that again the case is very premium there’s actually metal along here.

And you guys know I love aluminum it feels cold to the touch and it feels very very good in the hands all right well.

Audio experience

Now the audio experience altogether wasn’t bad it’s clean and some people, may prefer they might like that flatter sound signature.

but I think most average consumers would prefer a more alive sound this is down to a matter of preference but I think besides the audio signature and the audio characteristics the biggest hurdles you as a consumer needs to weigh on is the Bluetooth connection.

Maybe it’s better by the time you’re reading this comment down below if you do own these.

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Audio Test

Hence might review here the RHA true connect truly wireless earphones play sound at about 65 or 75 % volume for them to be loud that’s usually my average so that’s good.

The bass levels aren’t natural from my experience bass your songs will have a bit more emphasis but the RHA s will never have that level where it’s bass boosted or bass-heavy.

It’s a pleasant tone if you’re looking for something more neutral you can say. Now because the bass is played safe this leaves the mid-range untouched and unaltered for a very clean mid-range.

Vocals performed quite neutral and natural as well without being forward or recessed it doesn’t sound boxy at all.

And this is just my personal assessment I wish there was a bit more emphasis in the mid-range though it sounds to be lacking some detailed fidelity as well.

Also, there’s some serious lack of a sound stage it sounds more just like left and right or just basically stereo sites.

The high frequencies do have some roll-off as well preventing the very top end of the higher-pitched instruments female vocals snares and cymbal crashes they just don’t have that sparkle up top either.

But in turn, these earphones never screech it was never ear tingling you have basically minimal to no listening fatigue whatsoever.

Battery life

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is RHA-True-Connect-Earbuds-Review-1-768x431.jpg

Let’s jump into battery life these are rated at up to five hours of use perch you do get an additional 20 hours with this case and this also includes fast charging as well.

But testing this at 50% volume I was able to indeed achieve five hours in three minutes to be precise which is pretty good.

RHA True Connect 

True Wireless Earbuds

  • Waterproof
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • Micro USB recharge cable included
  • Full charge time 2 hours


  • Water proof
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • Micro USB recharge cable included
  • Full charge time 2 hours


  • NO
  • NO
  • NO
  • NO


Guys let me know in the comment section down below what you guys think of these if these are not hot on your list while other brands do you think are better out there alright guys I’ll catch you guys on the next one you guys take care bye


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