Hey, everyone, this is David in this article these are the 450 BT’S just released from Sennheiser. Just like the Sennheiser HD 440 BT’, I reviewed a few weeks back they’re nearly identical.

But this model has actively noise canceling the 450 BT’S gets to the point nothing really gimmicky and prep the biggest reason why I’m excited they come in at a price point that’s very reasonable for their performance compared to many of the big-name brand competitors out there.

Sennheiser HD 4.50bt Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

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And also I do make a small commission if you do buy and think from those links so guys just being upfront about everything here enough of the disclosures let’s get this one started.

I’m David and I’m here to help you guys make that purchase decision welcome everyone to another review.

Sennheiser HD 4.50bt

wireless Bluetooth Headphones

  • Very good quality
  • Good battery life
  • You can pair with multi-device
  • Very affordable
  • Smart looking headphone

Physical features

The physical features first these do come in either black or white all-plastic construction few is smooth but not cheap dense and not thin nor brittle simply a quality set of all plastic headphones.

these Sennheiser’s they feel very well built now getting into comfort the weight on these are great coming in around 240 grams.

These are lighter than my Bose 700 and Sony WH 1000 XM threes the weight of my head has been perfect after wearing these are testing these for several hours straight I don’t have that you know bobblehead issue here.

You might know what I’m talking about when you wear heavy headphones the clamping force along the jawline is moderate but never gave me any kind of jawline fatigue.

the only air of concern for most people here it’s the ear pads my ears do slightly touch the inside lining it’s not bad at all and very reasonable but the pads feel more on the plane foam side of things rather than cool and cushioning memory foam.

The biggest gripe these do warm up my ears quite a bit and in average room temperatures that do cause my ears to slightly sweep up just be aware of that.


Now as for intuitiveness of use let’s get a closer look at the buttons the very top is for your Google assistant or a Siri below that and love this setup.

here then I wish more headsets would have something similar with your thumb slide it up to skip a song slide it down to go back unless you press that button to pause or play your music.

below that is a bunt for a vine either up and down here and at the very front this bun was one of the ones that were a little bit weird for a placement where it’s essentially the power on and off Bluetooth pair and toggling active noise-canceling on and off as well.


Now as for physical connections we have a two and a half millimeter port.

So you can play these headphones without the headphones needing to be on essentially that’s perfect when you want to preserve.

Battery life Of Sennheiser HD 4.50bt

now speaking of a better life these are char with a USBC connection Sennheiser claims up to 30 hours with a and C on I did my test at 50% volume to get a middle-of-the-road result here and I achieved a total of 33 hours and 27 minutes which is very impressive.

Herewith my Bose 700 and Sony WH 1000 XM threes keep in mind those are quite a bit more expensive and they also claim up to 30 hours of use as well.

But with my testing, I’m getting on the low 20-hour range for those two affirmation brains. so far the only tech I’m not saying is audio pass-through which is a bummer here these don’t Auto pause which means.

When you take off your headphones they don’t pause your music when you fold in the ear cups which is a perk for storing here they don’t auto turn off as well.


Now Bluetooth 5.0 is featured on the 450BT’S theirs SBC AAC apps X n apdex low latency with wireless headphones there are times you have delays with the audio arriving to your headphones from article sources like Netflix and YouTube.

With FX low latency the leg is reduced enough that our eyes can’t perceive the delay with our phones with these headphones they work perfectly fine again with YouTube and Netflix on my Android Smartphone.

Now just for reference here I left my phone on one side of my apartment literally walk to the other side here and I’m able to cover 99% of my 1,100 square foot apartment there does appear to be multiple as well.

I can pair it to my pixel for excel and with my iPhone at the same time to switch between devices I have to pause whichever device.

It’s playing on and then press play and the other device in its switch is seamlessly here now last but not least these don’t fold flat which some may prefer it’s a little bit thicker.

but it’s less of footprint sin hazard does provide a pouch to carry this around as well not necessary reinforced case but it is perfectly fine from preventing scuffs.

Sennheiser HD 4.50bt Audio Quality

Alright, let’s get into the audio section of this review.

So the first thing with active noise-canceling when you click the bun to turn it on there’s no audio prompt or even a beep.

so if you forget where you last left the ANC it’s not quite as intuitive as you have to press it twice here to hear the differences to see if ANC is activated or not.

Now with my testing in general here, the active noise-canceling works well at canceling and suppressing lower audio frequencies.

The distractions of chairs moving things pounding or thumps heard those types of audio frequencies is reduced.

The higher frequencies such as voices background music in the coffee shop and such are also canceled only to an extent.

Aside from that, there is ever so slight I mean a very slight hiss that’s practically unidentifiable when you have music don’t want to be transparent about that.

And for those who are sensitive to active noise-canceling I didn’t sense any air cabin pressure feeling which a plus for comfort is.

Now regarding Sennheiser’s ant performance, I believe it is respectable although we’re not at the performance of Sonia Bose.

due to its price point, I think that’s 100% understandable but I believe if you’re looking for today Tether’s basically excellent Bluetooth5.0, Bluetooth connection, USB – C, battery life, and the ANC performance is on par with its price.

I think these offer the core basics and it makes it an excellent choice without the frills and gimmicks that some of the headphones might charge you for.


  • Very good quality
  • Good buttery life
  • You can pair with multi device
  • Very affordable
  • Smart looking headphone


  • no

Music test Of Sennheiser HD 4.50bt

So let’s move on to the music test here obviously we’ll see if this part here seals the deal for you guys to load.

Hence my review here so first up sound leaking is kept to a minimum even when listening at 75percent vine where it is comfortably loud now this has just moderate amounts of passive noise isolation.

But if you’re not using the active noise-canceling you might as well just buy a 440 BT’S as these feel practically identical to those.

Now starting with the bass I’m very much enjoying these lot the bass is just enough it’s clean and it hits that punchy notes that have been a perfect balance for pop and EDM.

May be somewhat for a hip hop. I can see some wanting a bit more deeper bass for that genre.

But overall it’s refined it’s clean and in my personal opinion here it’s balanced bass. The mid-range frequencies could use a slight boost in informedness or brightness from my testing.

But within this Sennheiser app you can add little bit more treble and this does as lightly increased vocal performance pushing it slightly to the forefront.

Now what is identical to the 440 BT’S the audio depth and dimension is impressive the sound stage is also expansive and you’re also having this experience of hearing distance in the audio direction of singers and instruments.

That alone those traits make the headphone stand out and on par with much of the higher-end models on the market.

Now touching base on the high frequencies this could use slightly more snapped on the snares the cymbal crashes could use just a bit more brightness on top of the snaps typically found in the repetitive beats of pop and EDM.

They couldn’t simply use a little bit more snap it’s not bad it’s neutral in my opinion but could use a little bit more color to make the audio a bit more alive have a bit more bite but that’s just me being super nitpicky right now.

Sennheiser HD 4.50bt

wireless Bluetooth Headphones

  • Very good quality
  • Good battery life
  • You can pair with multi-device
  • Very affordable
  • Smart looking headphone


Honestly, if you have active noise cancellation on to isolate your listening experience plus the audio signature offered these sound like the more expensive headphones on the market.

this is a great price point considering you’re getting excellent audio and you’re saving some money on passing up on some of the other high-tech audio features that again I mentioned earlier might be gimmicky for some.

Overall I think the 450 BT’S provides a lot of value and these get my recommendation.
Guys recommend me some products to review for the next one and of as always I’ll see you guys on the next one take care



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