Sony 1000xm3 Review

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So as you know that the Sony 1000XM3 is a little over a year old now they’re starting to go on sale for $250 and they sometimes go on sale for $218 dollars.

if not a little less depending on where you’re looking and even though there have been a whole bunch of other recently released ANC headphones to hit the market the Sony 1000XM3 is still my preferred and most recommended pair of ANC headphones.

And if you want to pick these headphones up they’ll be linked down below. But the Sony 1000 X M 3 is still having room for improvement and there are plenty of other headphones out there that outperform the 1000 Xm3 in certain aspects.

But perhaps the biggest question right now that most people have is it safe to get these headphones right now because when or the Sony 1000 Xm4 is coming out.

Sony 1000xm3 Review | Best Buying

WH-1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

  • Good quality
  • The audio quality is also good
  • Beautiful looking
  • Very lightweight
  • Very easy to pair with the device

Now as of recording this article there hasn’t been any substantial leak surrounding the Sony 1000 X and fours but if Sony were to announce their1000 Xm4.

It’s highly likely that they would do so at IFA 2020 which takes place in Germany in September now IFA is Europe’s version of CES and it’s where Sony announced our 1000 x m3 and 1000 xm2 headphones.

And it’s pretty safe to say that when Sony announces their 1000 like some fours they’re going to be very public about it because they know they’ve got it pretty good with their1000 Xm3.

Sony knows that there’s currently a lot of credibility behind a 1000 x m3 name. I mean just look at their latest truly well this year but its WUF 1000 XM3.

These earbuds are the successors to the Sony WF 1000X’s in logic would dictate that these earbuds would be called a vow 1000 X M2

But like I just said Sony knows that there’s a lot of credibility behind a 1000 xm3 name so days are skipped it and went straight to WF 1000 XM3.

so what I’m getting at here is that Sony isn’t just going to randomly drop the Sony 1000 X M4 they’re going to be very public about it.

The next pair of headphones to be announced by Sony will be Sony which 710 ends which are going to be these successors to the Sony w8 c8 710 or as I affectionately call them the Sony watch 710.

Because Sony already quietly dropped their new w8 c85 tens and I’m willing to bet that the Sony watch 710 ends will be quietly released in the spring just like the watch 700 ends or quietly released in the spring of 2018.

So just looking at Sony’s current product pipeline I think that a September 2020 release date for Sony 1000 XM 4 is a safe and well-educated guess but like I just said the Sony 1000 XM threes are my preferred and most recommended pair of ANC headphones.

and if your main concern is active noise cancellation performance for traveling then the Sony 1000 XM3 are hands-down the way to go but so that you can see for yourself we’re going to jump into an ANC test.

ANC test of this Headphones

The 1000 XM3 is blocked out overall the most amount of noise here. Now some headphones might come close to blocking out around the same amount of road noise.

but where Sony’s really making a name for themselves is when it comes to blocking out chatter aka random higher frequency sounds which are usually harder for ANC headphones to block out in general.

Overall performance

When it comes to the overall performance of the agency on the 1000XM3. It’s really good first of the 1000 X m3is block out a lot of noise with very little to no cabin pressure, unlike the Bose qc25 which are notorious for having a lot of cabin pressure.

and in some cases like for me, they lead to headaches, and also the microphone array on Sony does a great job of blocking out wind noise when walking outdoors which is a very big problem specifically for the beats solo pros.

and also the 1000 x m3 has the best ambient mode because it sounds very natural there’s absolutely no hissing in the background and unlike a lot of other headphones the ambient mode on Sony actively blocks out sudden loud spikes and noises saving you from jump scares.

This is one of those small things that you miss when you don’t have it anymore and the only other pair of headphones that I know that does this is the surface headphones.

but like I said the Sony 1000XM3 still has room for improvements first off I will stress that the 1000 X M3s are a pair of good-sounding headphones and thanks to their fully customizable.

You can make them sound however you want if you’re like a neutral sound signature you can do that or if you’re like a bass-heavy sound signature and want to physically feel your bass then you can also do that but the Sony is could sound better because there are a whole lot of other headphones out there that sound better than the Sony 1000XM3.

specifically, Sony could have a wider soundstage and have better instrument separation because compared to the rest of the competition everything of Sony sounds a little close together and details can sometimes get lost.

Sony 1000xm3

Sony 1000 XM3 Not For Those People

The ear pads on the1000 XM3 are not suited for people who have larger ears or ears that stick out a lot and even though that your pads on the 1000 X and 3s fit me fine a little extra room wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Overall performance

Something that I would really like to see Improved on the 1000 X M3 sound quality wise is their base now the base on the Sony’s is the type that thumps against your head

but I would like it if the base on the 1000 X M4 would resonate more like the base found on the Sennheiser momentum threes another thing that the Sony 1000 X M 3 is could do better is their comfort.

Now if its only1000 XM3 are big head approved because they have very little clamping force and personally I can wear these headphones for hours on end and forget that they’re there but I know these headphones are already going to fit everyone specifically because their ear pads are so cramped.

Since we’re on the topic of your pads I would also like to leatherette quality on the 1000 X and fours to be improved because the level right-on the 1000 XM3 feels very synthetic very plastic.

I even feel that they love the red on the Sony XP 900N feels better than what’s found on the 1000 action threes I just think that it’s crucial that Sony improved.

The leatherette quality on the 1000 XM3 because a lot of other headphones out there have significantly better feeling like the RET which just gives off the impression of higher build quality.

higher build quality.

And the last two major things that I would like to see improved on the Sony 1000 XM3 is that I would like for them to have simultaneous multiservice connectivity.

So that you cannot-swap from one device to another and the last thing is obviously their microphone.

Because the microphone on the Sony is just sound very muffled and if Sony wants to be competitive they need to get a better sounding microphone.

Because Bose really takes the microphone on their headphones very seriously.

My Recommendation

Overall like I said the Sony one does XM threes are still my preferred and most recommended pair of ANC headphones.

Especially for constant commuters or fliers who are really concerned about active noise cancellation but the Sony1000x m3s could sound better and they could fit better.

Sony 1000xm3 Review | Best Buying

WH-1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

  • Good quality
  • The audio quality is also good
  • Beautiful looking
  • Very lightweight
  • Very easy to pair with the device


  • Good quality
  • The audio quality is also good
  • Beautiful looking
  • Very light weight
  • Very easy to pair with device


  • no


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