Hey, everyone, David welcome back to another one of these articles today I got too heavy-hitting headphones from Sony that I personally paid for just to clear up the air here.

this is Sony here on Tues this one’s priced at $300 and this is a Sony WH 1000 X priced at 350 dollars retail the reason why I want to do this article is to see.

Sony Wh1000xm2 Review In 2022

If you can save $50 dollars to get these instead are the equivalent in performance as these or if not where does this kind of stack up basically.

As always I’ll leave my affiliate links down in that article below click on those links and they’ll give you the most updated prices in real-time you never know when these things might go on sale.

I’m David and I’m here to help you guys make that purchase decision welcome everyone to another article.

Sony Wh1000xm2

Wireless headphones 

  • Waterproof
  • Long Lusting Buttery Life
  • Comes with IP 5 Rating Water Proofing
  • Good build quality
  • Very easy to use

Physical build

All right guys going over the physical build first both of these are an excellent build quality here.

Have basically bending and twisting them whatever I want to do with these are basically stink intact.

They don’t chatter they don’t make these funky noises kind of like the Beats headphones out there they’re both quality headphones

the only word of caution I would throw out there for you guys the MDR 1000 basically the first generation to these they did have that issue where at the pivot right here some headphone some earphones we’re basically snapping right there.

Build quality

now the build quality the build materials that is I don’t know if it has changed fortunately either my first generations the NPR 1000s or the WH 1000 X’s generation 2 here has not broken or showed any kind of fatigue or any kind of issues whatsoever these things are for me at least built like tanks so that’s not an issue.

Going into comfort now out of these two I do prefer the WH 1000 X’s they’re lighter they’re more comfortable they look better they’re heavy a much thinner headband up top here so they don’t look as chunky or clunky.

But both these headphones do look good though just matter of preference here but I do personally prefer the 1000 axis.

They put these on for you guys now one of the big factors here they are very much comfortable after long-term wear if you have the long flight.

If you plan on wearing this at the office for several hours straight I don’t have any kind of wearing fee to basically no download that sharp pain at the crown of the head.

and the clamping force is very much gentle you can say with the here on Tues unfortunately after just an hour of wearing this you do feel a little bit of pressure right at the jawline right here where your jaw pivots basically and you do have some wearing fatigue.

Also with the ear pads, these didn’t cause my ears to sweat which is a great thing but they do heat up my ears more so than the WH1000 X’s.

also inside the ear cups the WH1000 access feels a little bit airier a little bit more room in my big ears here can basically fit inside of these no problem with them here on twos it’s not bad and especially compared to other headphones on the market they’re not bad at all.

But again this head comparison here I believe the WH 1000 Nexus does a better job.

Touch controls

now moving on to touch controls both of these headphones offers very responsive very intuitive touch controls on the right ear cup gently swipe forward back up and down you can adjust a vine can skip and go back in songs.

what you also have on both these headphones is ambient but where you can take your right hand come put over your ear and basically, the microphones and the headphones turn on and your environmental noises get pumped in.

this is perfect if you’re let’s say working at the office you want to isolate yourself amongst everybody I say your boss walks up.

Physical connections

Now moving out here both is do feature a three-and-a-half millimeter plug for those physical connections.

Now both of these headphones do include Bluetooth for we don’t have Bluetooth 5.0 just yet for some odd reason so need in it like to choose that technology.

But one of the biggest benefits is that both these headphones do feature Tech which is a very high basically audio codec for Bluetooth transmission.

Higher than apex higher than apex HD of course higher than SBC which is basically CV quality you’re going to get.

The best audio wireless transmission with the less degradation to your audio signal where these two headphones.

Now with that being said when I did test either one of these headphones but a tested L deck it didn’t really make a big difference.

When I switched from just SBC over to the high compression basically technology I really didn’t notice at all  and I did use Android 8.0 on a pixel XL phone.

Now with that being said both these did provide exceptional audio performance but I’ll get more into that later first on touch base on active noise-cancelling performance.

Let me play a couple of samples for you guys please put on your headphones and earphones.\

Physical button

Now there are physical buttons as well on the left ear cup and they both practically identical the same you can turn on and cycle through ambient aware you can turn off active noise-canceling on both.

These headphones you can have passive noise isolation instead and turn off all the extra features and still get your audio.

There is NFC or near field communication of both of these just tap your phone in here and they’ll basically pair it with your Bluetooth device.

There’s also a USB2.0 port for charging your headphones and both these headphones do offer fast charging ten minutes on each one of these headphones.

The WH 1000 X gives you70 minutes back and this one gives you65 minutes back so pretty much equivalent in that aspect the biggest difference is battery life.

WH 1000 X gives you up to 30 hours of use with ANC on with our testing here at the office playing it at 50 % bump from full to dead basically I got 27hours.

with the here on twos, they’re claiming 20 hours again with a and C on just to make sure that’s clear we do the same test we got 22 hours instead so a pretty drastic difference compared to one another.

But at 20 hours plus just they’re perfectly fine a student do a very very good job.

Sony Wh1000xm2 Review 2020

Personal assessment

Here we go1000x with active noise canceling on right now.

                sample right there with my personal assessment trying to take these on and off trying in different environments I know there was a short test I found that the here on Tues performed a little bit under just a smidge under WH 1000 X’s.

Now compared to other headphones on the market these two do very good very well and again this is number one of my top 5list here.

But the here on Tuesday just it’s a little bit under the Sony WH 1000X’s and where you do hear the difference is mostly around vocal performance.

When you hear people around you sitting around you they’re talking you’re chit-chatting and such you do hear it more so and the here on to the WH 1000X’s.

Sound quality

It does somewhat underperform for some reason with the here on twos you do have a lot more sound leaking or occurring someone that’s sitting next to you.

If you’re in a little quiet setting a library let’s say and you have your headphones going even have 60 or 70% volume.

but that person next to you is going to hear what you’re listening to you don’t have that problem you don’t have that issue with the WH1000 X’s passive noise isolation might not be as good as the WH 1000 X’s.

Biggest difference

So the biggest difference is that the WH 1000 X’s provides a little bit more deeper much more resonating bass over sorry about that’s my phone going off over being here on twos here on seasoned does provide very good bass here.

But if you are base heads this provides just a little bit more performance this offers a little bit more neutral base you can say this provides a little bit more of a bass-boosted sound signature.

other than that both of these sound very loud 70 to75 maybe 80 % bob is very much loud for me they sounded absolutely great they’re the mid-range clear Ford detailed article it’s a pretty good resolution here on both of these headphones.

the only difference in that aspect in WH 1000 X is provided a little bit wider limit bigger soundstage over the here on Tues.

we’re going to hide frequencies both of these didn’t have any kind of ear ringing irritating this know listening fatigue whatsoever on both of these headphones both these provide a very good audio quality again for this head to the comparison.

But here on C’s were just a little bit lesson bases and the soundstage was just a little bit less as well.

So to conclude the $50 price difference I believe is very much justified for $50 more you can get the again the WH 1000 X’s which basically is the flagship it’s still outperforms everything out.

There in regards to 8c headphones for the time being at least for the headphones I tested on this site B here on Sue’s.

if you want to save $50 if you like this look and I do personally like it the wH1000 X does look a little bit more premium looks a little bit more luxurious.

But the 180s these are the H 900 ends Sony’s named I swear to god it’s so complex.

but the here on sees basically they are no question worth of purchase the only other thing that prices forgot to mention them here on Sue’s do collapse like so which is pretty convenient comp active or snowing.

but it does come with this little felt you clean lining bag here or so but other than that it doesn’t provide that much protection against being crushed in your bag or if you’re traveling and such as perfectly protected against scuff step.

Audio test

Now moving on here let’s do some audio test please again put on your headphones and in fluency if you haven’t done so already and here goes several samples for you to make a judgment on.

That audio test again putting on your own headphones and earphones it’s not the most accurate representation.

But using these binaural microphones this is the closest performs that you guys can get without actually holding one of these in your hands.

Case Quality

The flip side would be 1000 X’s here if you provide a softshell hard shell kind of carrying case Now these do collapse as well.

 But they also fold in so if you have it run your next you can lay it flat like so or you can have it tilted up like this.

But the reason why this lay flat is that they can stow in this carrying pouch.

Again these are traveling headphones your Tecla traveling headphones so they do provide a little bit more protection in this case right here I do prefer this case over in this fabric bag basically.

So again it’s a matter of preference yes you can save $50 and get the very close performance to the WH 1000 X.

Save your money if you like the style I can save your money again.

But if you absolutely want the best of the best what a little bit more bass in you don’t want to mess with equalizers and tuning the WH 1000 X is your best bet.

Sony Wh1000xm2

Wireless headphones 

  • Waterproof
  • Long Lusting Buttery Life
  • Comes with IP 5 Rating Water Proofing
  • Good build quality
  • Very easy to use


  • Comes with IP 5 Rating Water Proofing
  • Good and high quality audio and microphone performance
  • Long Lusting Buttery Life


  • NO
  • NO


So guys I hope you guys enjoy this article and find this article helpful and make your purchase diction.

 Guys take care I’ll see you guys on the next one bye

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