Hey guys it always feels like a risk when you’re on a tight budget and you want to spend it right you don’t want to buy an expensive one. Then try it so today you read Tribit Xboom Speaker Review​ Or Today I’m going to review XBOOM budget speaker. The X boom after seeing how similar it looked to my favorites small Bluetooth speaker.

 The JBL flip before I said this might be a good comparison I haven’t done a budget review in a while either.

Tribit Xboom Speaker Review

if you are budget conscious yourself if you’re about stretching your money comment down below I need to gauge how many of you like this kind of review or trying to stick more so with the more expensive stuff out there.

As always being transparent tribe it sent this over for a review but my assessment was not altered in any way I’ll go over both pros and cons and I’ll do the same test that I do on all of my speakers.

So alright guys David and I’m here to help you make that purchase decision welcome everyone to another review.

Tribit Xboom Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

  • Waterproof
  • Micro USB recharge cable included
  • Full charge time 4 hours
  • Battery life up to 12 hours
  • Very easy to use

Physical features of Tribit Xboom Speaker

Going over the physical features the Tribit @x Puma has the same rugged fabric that you find on JBL the Ultimate Ears and the new Sony speakers.

There’s a similar base radiator to think JBL on either side then vibrates and pulsates up and down with your music.

now both speakers include a carrying strap as you guys can see and then last rotating to the rear it looks very similar once again power battery level indicator which is always a plus any water-resistant cap for your connections.

Difference Between Jbl and Tribit

the first real difference that Tribit X boom claims to offer 360-degree audio with the JBL 5 & 4 it’s more directional or simply front facing front-firing walk to the sides or the back of this thing and the audio isn’t as apparent.

The second difference the tribe doesn’t have an array of buns instead the buns are located on the front that somewhat resembles the UE boom speakers.

plus and minus to adjust volume and in the middle is to pause skip and go back on your music what’s cool though holding that metal button down does initiate Google assistant on your phone.

Button & connectivity of Tribit Xboom Speaker

Now before I forget here on the back the tribe it does have a bass boost button which demonstrates in the audio test none of the tribe.

 it is the cheaper option the quality feels practically the same as the JBL flip for the plastics base radiators and down to the fabric feels identical with no exaggeration.

the buns although different have that same tactile feedback as you guys can hear that clicks and also responsive if I had to critique though having the buttons slightly raised would have helped here and identifying them physically.

Audio test of Tribit Xboom Speaker

So before getting into the audio test let me do a quick rundown of all my other tests here to try to help you guys make that purchase decision.

with the flip for it, you can pair to multiple JBL connect speakers and have them all play at the same time with a try but you can only do a dual pair.

both use Bluetooth 4.2 and do my quick test of leaving the speaker here in the office in the back over there and walking down the hallway both speakers were able to get about 80 linear feet before.

the audio started to crackle that’s both very good both do take phone calls and works like a speakerphone both speakers, however, did not perform or do well at all both had my voice sounding very far away and at times raspy and staticky that’s a word.

But if we do compare the tribe it sounded the worst asthma voice was lower in volume for the other person and at times the person I tested this with could hear their own voice.


They both have an IP seven rating which means both speakers thankfully can be submerged underwater up to 3.3 feet and up to 30 minutes.

and now I love my JBL flip for but during testing the speaker doesn’t float if you bring this to the pool the lake whatever and it falls in there the either better know how to swim down there and get it or you need to tie this to something crazy enough the cheaper speaker floats.

Battery life of Tribit Xboom Speaker

Last item to discuss better life tribe it claims up to 20 hours of life and JBL claims only12 I tested both at 50% from like I do on all my speakers and was able to achieve 14 hours and 53 minutes which is impressive as some big speakers I’ve tested are only getting that much.

But testing the foot for after 14 hours I still had 50% battery life remaining.

Audio Quality of Tribit Xboom Speaker

so first up the tribe it for a360-degree audio speaker did very well here only being slightly lower in volume than the JBL and other various competitors out there.

Sound characteristics and the quality are very similar with only slight differences with the JBL the tribe it has a moderate amount of bass for a small speaker with or without that bass boost button on.

I noticed the bass was more apparent at lower volumes and Vons higher than 50% the bass boost was pretty much minimal that although the Xboom isn’t the Basya speaker it’s very close to the JBL flip for.

It doesn’t sound raspier droning but offers a bass boosted sound signature JBL is also very similar on that front as well.

The mid-range where most vocals and instruments are heard by the human ear both perform very similar by offering a clear and for performance a try.

But is slightly less forward though by just a smidge by comparing to the wonder boom that schribman ex boom is hands-down better.

and the high notes on both do tend to get slightly stretched these are technically small speakers but what they can output is still good quality there’s no ear piercing moments or very high pitched rings what high hats and cymbal crashes are hits.

My opinion

Overall music has been very much enjoyable on the try but ex boom as it has been on the JBL flip for in the end both the physical aspect and also the audio performance it is nearly identical with the JBL flip before.

But yet it does beep the UE 1 or boom which is also another direct competitor and it’s cheaper than its competitors. This is probably your best bet I personally highly recommend this speaker for you guys to get.

Anker Soundcore Liberty Lite

True Wireless Earbuds

  • Waterproof
  • Give a smart Look
  • Good sound quality
  • Good build quality
  • Very easy to use


  • Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity with 37 foot range
  • Water proof in up to 3.3 feet of fresh or salt water (IP67 rating)
  • Micro USB recharge cable included
  • Full charge time 4 hours
  • Battery life up to 12 hours


  • NO
  • NO
  • NO
  • NO
  • NO


Again I’m David and hopefully, I helped you guys in some way here be sure to light up the conversation with fire emojis in the comment section below.

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