Turtle Beach Battle Buds Review

Hey everyone David headphones or headsets have their pros and cons when it comes to gaming but we’re starting to see earphones show up here as an alternative on the market.

They provide passive noise isolation since they’re in-ear they offer the convenience of Portability and not to mention some folks honestly don’t like wearing headsets as it could be uncomfortable.

the Sound Turtle Beach Battle Buds I have here it retails for $18 the same price as one of the other competitors here but I’ll place my links in the article below click on my links and they’ll give you the most updated prices for today again I’m David and my sites here to help you make a purchase decision.

Turtle Beach Battle Buds Ear Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach Battle Buds

  • Great sound
  • Lightweight
  • Crystal clear chat
  • 6-hour battery life
  • Universal Compatibility


Welcome everyone to another review going over the physical features first these are plastic with chrome paint despite creative including a carrying case which is a nice one it’s durable and minimalistic I instead toss these into my bag and carry them around for some time just to test out its durability and the paint finish has been holding up really well there’s a good bit of protection.

here towards the wires exiting the air phones themselves which is always a plus here but when you do move down the wire it’s a braided cord but the wires do feel awfully thin a thicker wire gauge would have at least given this a beefier or more of a substantial feel.

Now what I also notice was the wire does tangle quite a bit here if you do stow this in your bag and bring it out front later.

Now moving down and looking at the inline controller there’s a mute button that’s also used to answer phone calls.

There’s a microphone mute switch and up top, there’s the microphone itself regarding quality this picks up my voice very well here a bit clearer than a good handful of dedicated headsets out there.

But what I didn’t notice though because the microphone is not directly in front of your mouth like most earpieces for phone calls this does tend to pick up noises in your environment more than headsets in general.

so just a heads up on that but if you’re playing in a quiet room you should be perfectly fine here’s a quick sample alright guys testing out the Turtle Beach Battle microphone for you guys I’m going to move over a little bit to the right here but while I’m doing.

so, of course, the wires going to be rubbing against my shirt here let me know if you guys hear any kind of Wired chatter since I’m moving around the perfect test and why not do it right now but anyways my voice is being picked up very clearly here it’s actually clearer than some of the headsets that have been testing recently.

but on that, there is a little bit of wire chatter that I can hear through my earbuds whenever I move around like even just touching the wire right here I can hear it through my earphones there’s a lot of noise being transferred up but is it picked up by the microphone you guys let me know I hope you guys enjoyed the rest of this article.


Alright moving on to comfort there are three different silicone ear tips that feel really good they do stay in the ear very well and had no issues while sitting down gaming if you are using this to listen to music here on the go with your phone the earphones are very light they never fell off or became loose while in the ear canal.

Noise canceling

Now on the package, it does say 95% noise reduction here the package doesn’t say anything about being an active noise canceling pair of earphones as of course you don’t see a battery being inserted anywhere.

 But from my testing here the passive noise isolation is just okay though here few other earphones granted for listening to music on the go other earphones tend to block up noise for better than the P fives here and that’s basically it.


  • Super cheap
  • Good sound quality
  • Very good and aggressive looking
  • Very comfortable


  • No

Sound Quality

Jumping right into the sound test the Turtle Beach Battle offers a decent base it’s not a deep sub-base for explosions and other gaming content.

 but there’s definitely enough for the average gamer if you’re looking for a natural-sounding bass signature that’s distortion-free doesn’t bleed over into the mid-levels of audio this sounds great in that aspect now as for the minds it’s ever so slightly on the bright side.

 Which I do prefer alike out my music voice is a most audio in-game does stand out a bit for clear precise recognition.

however for the high notes though and a few games especially the division and some aspects of black ops 3 for the ps4 I noticed the high notes do screech a bit or a little bit sharp basically especially at higher volumes and that’s probably the only audio gripe that had with the Turtle Beach Battle s though.

Now as for the soundstage it’s done pretty good as most in your earphones do for gaming you’ll be able to hear distinctly left and right audio sites from enemies welcomed by you to come up to you.

Now if you do pair this with a DAC or an amp in my case I also got the g1 from creative that connects to your PC. The audio immersion the soundstage album it is tremendously increased and not to hype it up here but going back to the division while you do stand and mill the string and listen to the wind.

You do hear that airiness of air blowing around you around the buildings and it’s just very immersive the earphones respond very well to a deck or an amp so that’s basically it for the review here.

Turtle Beach Battle Buds Ear Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach Battle Buds

  • Great sound
  • Lightweight
  • Crystal clear chat
  • 6-hour battery life
  • Universal Compatibility


I hope it helped you in some way, in general, the build materials and the high pitch sound signature was a bit of a turn-off for me but the bass mid and soundstage on these are done very well not to mention having the option to use these.

and everyday pair of earphones for music for your phone it beats carrying around a headset everywhere you go not to mention cheaper to guys make sure you share this article here if you haven’t be sure to follow me on Face book Twitter in or Instagram. So you guys take care and I’ll see in the next one bye you

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