Hey guys this is David welcome back to another one. So I’m super excited about this because it’s not a refresh this is a totally brand new speaker from Ultimate Ears from the ground up.

This is the hyper boom as always being transparent you’ll do say this big boy in for review my assessment was not altered in any way I’ll be of course going over both pros and cons.

Ultimate Ears Hyperboom Review

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It is on the very much upper end I know some people might be like holy cow that’s expensive but we’ll see if this review justifies it or again click on my links and you’ll see if there are any sales going on at the current moment.

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Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM Portable

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

  • Good build quality
  • Good looking
  • Very easy to use
  • Portable
  • Comes with waterproofing technology
  • Support Multi connectivity

Physical features of UE HYPERBOOM

All right starting off with the pros and cons of the physical features they went with a square design instead of a round cylinder there are reasons for that which I’ll get into later.

But damn this thing looks good you get a carrying strap to help carry this thing it weighs in at 13 pounds or 5.9 kilograms.

So there’s no question that due to its size the speaker is meant to entertain its heavy, but not too heavy from my experience and I don’t mind it for what this thing can do.


Now directly below the handle behind your water-resistant cover is a USB port you can charge your device using the speaker like a power bank it’s very cool.

Also for them to include an optical port so you can connect this to your TV or your Play station or Xbox or so and less is a 3.5-millimeter input for your analog connections.

Now surprisingly you didn’t provide any of those wires the only wire in my box was the power cord or the wall power cord to charge the hyper boom.

Water Proofing of UE HYPERBOOM

But anyways before I forget here this speaker is also IP 4 rated meaning it is able to be protected against water splashes now I can’t be sprayed with a jet stream of water and it can’t be submerged.

So this speaker isn’t as rugged as the other smaller portable Bluetooth speakers that they have on the market but I did splash some water on it myself.

and it’s still working fine today still working fine after the writing of this article just make sure you close that water-resistant flap on the back.


Now the handle and port location make sense right here because they’re hidden from view when you put this speaker on the ground and in the corner.

It looks minimalist it looks clean it simply blends in with your home seamlessly I know I’m holding this here it’s so big.

Quick Features of UE HYPERBOOM

Now the top of the speaker is really self-explanatory but unique here it has some quirks and features that Doug demurrer would put it.

but the plus and minus signs for vomit changing are touch-sensitive not a physical press down but a simple caress that will activate the actions.

now one thing I really dislike about UE, in general, is a lack of proper battery level indications that I can see from afar you can take out your phone

 and check it there or you can walk up to the speaker and press both the + and the – to get that status 90% pretty cool.

ok easy not a deal-breaker but tea would be nice something I’ve seen on JBL Harman Kardon and LG they all offer some sort of bright white LEDs to indicate that battery

I don’t maybe I’m just lazy to check my phone but getting a closer look to the right here not one but two Bluetooth devices can be connected at the same time you simply just press 1 or the other and it switches back and forth

The square here is your optical connection and the circle is for you to switch over to that 3.5-millimeter auxiliary port.


now pressing that middle button where it says pause in play you can actually skip a song, but I try pressing three times unfortunate doesn’t go back on a song you don’t get that feature on here kind of funky kind of quirky

Bluetooth 5.0 of UE HYPERBOOM

Now touching base with UE I did confirm that they are indeed using Bluetooth 5.0 now the signal on this is insane they’re climbing up to a hundred and fifty feet or 46 meters and inside my apartment where I’m able to walk the entire apartment.

And place the speaker literally against the furthest wall every single go through several walls here and the hyper blue never lost its signal.

Now I brought this outdoors and did the full straight line of sight test and I’m able to achieve over a 100 feet for sure I actually walked all the way to the garages in the back of this article here

and it was still playing this is insane it’s class-leading now another feature is you’re able to pair the hiker boom with a previously released boom or mega boom Bluetooth speaker.

And have those all play in sync for additional room-filling music.

High-definition codecs of UE HYPERBOOM

The only things I didn’t see on here were high-definition codecs like apex HD l DAC that are a little bit more associated with Sony.

But I didn’t see that I don’t even see apt X low latency but I did test this for an article on both YouTube and Netflix on my pixel for excel. But they honestly played perfectly fine

Battery life of UE HYPERBOOM

Now as for a better life UE claims up to 24 hours of use which is actually insane for how loud and basic this thing gets just being upfront I had moved back to an apartment here

So I’ve been running my test in the middle of the day and definitely not at night so I don’t want to you know get this you know disturb.

 But I will report back to you guys once I get the battery test I’ll probably put the article somewhere for you.

The missing feature of UE HYPERBOOM

now the only feature missing that I thought that would have been great as a speakerphone option is you can’t take phone calls with this thing and last for the price I wish there was Wi-Fi built in here UE the blast speakers

And they’re capable of streaming audio through your home’s Network we don’t get that here.

Audio Quality of UE HYPERBOOM

So guys let’s get into the audio test. Audio quality but hence my review here Wow simply Wow the hyper boom is freak in powerful.

The first thing I want to point out is the audio direction, unlike the previous UE speakers, the hyper boom technically doesn’t offer 360-degree audio.

The two front-facing sides right here if you were to face it towards you by its edge shoot audio to your left and to the right.

I was trying to illustrate that in the article this helps tremendously cast audio in a wider field than typical speakers which are only front-facing or basically kind of like that JBL boom box.

How loud and how big this thing is it’s able to fill up small medium and easily larger-sized rooms. The remaining sides don’t have audio or direct audio that is

 But this is where the bass is predominantly coming from if you’re using this indoors sticking this New Your corner.

And I’m telling you to thank me later the bass is going to bounce off those walls and it’s going to sound much richer and deeper.


Now when I was testing this side by side with the JBL boom box I confirmed it’s a very similar experience to JBL and finally UE is the neck.

And neck but under scrutiny, under review, the UE covers my big open room a bit better the audio is more filling the bass on both of these massive speakers is really freak in good

 I stood on the other side of this room and again listened for the nuances at 50% volume they’re both honestly neck.

And neck very faint differences at a maximum volume that’s where you can hear each other’s audio signature.

Now from my testing the audio and JBL have a warmer tone and it’s noticeable any lower mid-range you hear it more.

So in singers’ voices not muddy but just a bit warmer with the hyper boom, there’s still tons of bass here but the audio characteristic going it’s slightly higher.

And it sounds to cut through the air crisper and further reach. It’s simply not as warm. Between the two one is not better than the other it’s just simply a matter of preference.

Sub-base of Both Speakers

Now is typically categorized with an audio frequency between 60 Hertz to 20 Hertz UE Claims their speaker can go as low as 45 Hertz.

Which should have you literally feel the bass again at near maximum volume for both of these speakers you do start to feel that slight vibration in the chest which is really cool.

But the hyper boom it is fast and it’s punchy on pop music it’s deep and resonating on my hip hop’ not to mention its distortion-free and no muddiness from my testing.

I will admit though at maximum vibe both the boom box in the hyper boom the top-end start to get a little bit jumbled and you lose some detail at the very top.

Comfortable listening Sound Test of UE HYPERBOOM

Now going back to a comfortable listening level as for the mid-range the two tweeter outputs are very a very direct experience it’s loud and it’s clear.

Now the high frequencies are kept in check and for a loudspeaker, I appreciate that it’s not ear screeching and it’s not your piercing and some of those bigger outdoor speakers can have at times.

But very much it’s within reason and it’s very comfortable to listen to.

in general, the low end of the speaker and moving up through the mid-range and upper mid-range audio frequencies are going to be the most dominant the high frequencies didn’t stand out as much as the others.

But overall this is loud and it’s excellent for indoor use.

Outdoor wise there is an adaptive EQ that measures the audio environment in real-time and adjusts the audio accordingly for you on your behalf

Outdoor Sound Test of UE HYPERBOOM

Now I briefly tested this outside before my neighbors freaked out here and again just having that speaker pointed in a 90-degree angle there’s simply a water cast of audio not soundstage, not that airiness.

But just overall the experience of audio just hearing the volume of audio hitting you is perfect and ideal for entertaining outside.

Comparison Result

Now the JBL is an excellent speaker and I personally love JBL I personally love the JBL boom box they make some really great Bluetooth speakers for like last 3 years or so.

But I can tell competition finally is literally right there now.

Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM Portable

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

  • Good build quality
  • Good looking
  • Very easy to use
  • Portable
  • Comes with waterproofing technology
  • Support Multi connectivity


  • Good build quality
  • Good looking
  • Very easy to use
  • Portable
  • Comes with water proofing technology
  • Support Multi connectivity


  • Little Expensive


Now as for the hyper boom after reviewing everything about this speaker this is on the expensive side I will admit that and considering how much cheaper the competition is compared to the hyper boom.

I can see you guys having some hesitation if this does drop me this is a vital consideration a strong purchase.

Guys throw some fight emoji’s in the comment section it’s been a while since we’ve done that and as always find me on my social media.

Thanks, everyone see you guys on the next one you guys take care


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