Hey everyone welcome back to another beautiful day jumping right into this one this is the Ultimate Ears Wonder boom 2 claims to be super rugged claim so’s bigger and bass your audio will see.

As always being upfront Ultimate Ears review however my assessment was not altered the inane way I’ll be going over both pros and cons.

Ultimate Ears Wonder boom 2 Review

This one retails for $99 and comes with a 2-year warranty be sure to look in that article my affiliate links will be down there for the most updated prices in real-time you never know when these things can go on sale.

I’m David and I’m here to help you guys make that purchase decision welcome everyone to another review.

Ultimate Ears Wonder Boom 2

Portable Bluetooth Speaker 

  • Good Build quality
  • Audio Quality is really good
  • Malty device pairing is available
  • Very affordable
  • Very Light Weight
  • Very futuristic Design

Ultimate Ears Wonder boom 2 Physical features

Despite all the physical features, this thing is indeed small and portable weighing in at about 420 grams.

Ultimate Ears at least in the past from my tests have proved to be one of the most rugged and durable speakers out there.

Ultimate Ears Wonder boom 2 Bluetooth

Now check it out the bunt up top they’re simply Bluetooth pairing power and right in the center is pause play in skipping forward.

Fortunately, you can’t go back on a song with this rotating to the bottom and behind a theater-resistant flap here it’s not USB Cut micro USB instead.

Really see how to see this on both ultimate ears and the more reason so many speakers I just reviewed since they’re recently released products this was a perfect time to future-proof.

These things we don’t get that chance, not a deal-breaker, of course, the speakers of functions obviously but was hoping the industry would have moved forward together.

There’s also a note 3.5 millimeter port for physical audio connections either usually don’t need that but maybe you need it on your end.

The last button which is on the underside is the outdoor button which is unique as the icon of afforest tree here.

But Ultimate Ears is claiming this button does enable louder and crisper sounds. It’s a pre-adjusted equalizer meant for outdoors which I would give you my verdict on later.

Ultimate Ears Wonder boom 2 Water Proof

hen one of the room to have that same water dusk and drop-proof claims as the last model a do dissever quick drop test here and listen to that impact.

But then bringing it back into my apartment and placing this into the water I did confirm that it floats and shackles after those tests after those drops submerging it into the water the speaker barely leaves a scuff.

If anything that’s a very minor indentation from probably worth at the little pebble hit here overall this speaker is still working perfectly fine.

Ultimate Ears Wonder boom 2 internals Features

Now avouching base and the internals I didn’t see a Bluetooth rating on their website but Ultimate Ears did claim up to a hundred feet worth of Bluetooth performance which is I mean very high-end.

Testing this around my apartment I was able to get a full 100% coverage no matter what corner I went to around here I never lost connection the connection never even stuttered.

The signals going through several walls and my apartment are about 1,100 square feet for reference.

Ultimate Ears Wonder boom 2 Audio Playing

Now testing this with article audio played perfectly fine on both YouTube and Netflix foursome reasons on my phone YouTube was off sync quite bad but Netflix on iPhones works perfectly fine.

Ultimate Ears Wonder boom 2 Battery life

Alright last but not least here is acclaimed up to 13 hours of a better life which is improved from last models which are only 10.

better than JBL is 12 our claim and still better than Sony’s XP 32 or 22 actually which claims 12 hours without extra bass I tested this at 50% of I’m like all the other Bluetooth speakers I was able to get 14 hours 2 minutes which is really impressive.

Ultimate Ears wonder boom 2 Multiple Pairing

Now last and I do appreciate this you can pair up to two devices at the same time to one of these speakers no need to unpaid it and then repair it through the new device when you want to switch sources.

And last, this does have the ability to double up so you can play to these speakers at the same time Ultimate Ears improved on this.

But now offering true stereo separation you can hear left and right audio sites the previous model only played audio in sync which is still good but this is even better of course.

Ultimate Ears Wonder boom 2 Audio Quality

Alright, guys first off you get very even360 degree audio your placed in the center for entertaining and everyone’s experiencing a very similar level of audio performance.

This one of them tools is loud and pressing that outdoor button under the speaker actually helps big-time it’s not gimmicky.

With the outdoor button press in person, I can tell you the vocals are pushed very much forward without sounding off or weird that’s quite impressive.

Ultimate Ears Wonder boom 2 Vs JBL Flip 5 Vs Sony

Let’s see if they eventually implement this into their other boom speakers now the Wonder boom 2 is comparable in loudness with other small Bluetooth speakers in that $100 price range definitely enough for small rooms and some medium-sized rooms as well.

The one big critique that I noticed overall is that the speaker is more for entertainment rather than achieving ultimate audio immersion here.

Absolutely this isn’t an audiophile speaker at least sitting too close to it the audio did sound a little distorted and the high frequencies but the further that I slowly walked away from here the better it sounds.

it’s not bad but if you‘re looking for something from very private listening that JBL owns Sony speakers or two better options that has a bit more detail more direct audio.

Again it doesn’t have 360-degree sound but if you’re using this mostly outdoors or in bigger open environments that’s where the wonder boom 2 shines.

going to base the what a boom 2 does sound to have improved over the previous model it’s abet more pleasing it’s warmer overall it’s in the right direction.

The med-range is clean and with the outdoor mode again this is pushed quite forward which I’m sure many will like.

The med-range is clean from my assessment with very much identifiable vocals the overall instrument resolution in detail is not as full here but as I’m trying to illustrate the audio characteristics are designed more to cut through their for outdoor use vs in-home private audio listening.

Of course, you can have the latter you can use this at home but I’m just simply indicating that it just performs the best when it’s outdoors the high frequencies as mentioned earlier do sound a little bit jumbled especially.

At high volumes, this is quite typical for many small speakers on the markets where they have little trouble differentiating the instruments sis and hisses in vocals Eton the very high end.

so just like the other boom speakers they have on the market these things are built like tanks do prefer the audio characteristics and the other competitors but keep in mind they offer direct audio and that full 360-degree sound like my wonder boom 2.

If you need a speaker for outdoor use the one boom 2 not only gives you peace of mind there but honestly outdoor performance this did perform the best highly recommended in that aspect that regards.

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Ultimate Ears Wonder Boom 2

Portable Bluetooth Speaker 

  • Good Build quality
  • Audio Quality is really good
  • Malty device pairing is available
  • Very affordable
  • Very Light Weight
  • Very futuristic Design


  • Good Build quality
  • Audio Quality is really good
  • Malty device pairing is available
  • Very affordable
  • Very Light Weight
  • Very futuristic Design
  • comes with a 2-year warranty



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