Alright, guys so today we’re going to check out another budget pair of truly wireless earbuds ( Taotronics Sound Liberty 79 True Wireless EarBuds Review ) that basically has very impressive features and really impressive sound for only 50 bucks. 

The pair we’re going to check out is the taotronics sound liberty 79 now like I said this pair comes in at 50 dollars there is a link in the below. 

Taotronics Sound Liberty 79 True

If you want to check out any more information on these but let’s go ahead and check out some of the specs and what it is you get inside the box. 

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Taotronics Sound Liberty 79 True

Wireless EarBuds 

  • Waterproof
  • Charging Case
  • Good sound quality
  • Good build quality
  • USB Type C

Bluetooth connection

Now the first thing is these do have Bluetooth 5.0 and sadly they don’t support apdex or AAC that would probably be the only complaint that I have about these. 

But I still think they have fantastic Bluetooth quality and that’s with using it with Apple Android PC whatever I used it on it did an extremely nice job. 


Now the IP rating on these is ipx7 so they are completely waterproof and for a pair that’s $50 that you can go out and exercise and run and not have to worry about sweat or rain or if you drop them into water that’s actually really beneficial.

Inside the box

Now as far as what you’re getting inside the box you are getting the usual small medium and large silicone ear tips but you’re also getting two sets of the wingtips. 

So again if you are somebody that wants to use these while being active or doing anything those wingtips are just going to help keep them in your ear and not move around. 

Case quality

The case is very very tiny I love that they used a matte finish so that it’s not picking up fingerprints like crazy on the back you can see the USBC input for charging. 

And I also like that on the front you have for indicator lights to let you know where the battery life’s at. 

Now, these indicator lights actually serve two purposes at first it will show you the battery life of the case but once your earbuds are in there it will. 

Also, light up on the far left in the far right to let you know that both are connected inside which basically means that both are charging. 

And that’s actually more beneficial than you think because there are some earbuds that when you place them in a case sometimes if you don’t place them just right they won’t start charging. 

So you think they’re in a case in charging but they’re actually not so the ability to see that on the outside of this case is really nice. 

Earbuds design

Now moving over to the earbuds themselves I don’t know if it’s just the way that these are designed but they do an excellent job of staying in my ear. 

and they also do an excellent job of not feeling any kind of pain so as far as ear fatigue I didn’t experience any with these I was able to wear them for long periods of time. 

And I think also having those little wingtips keeping them more stabilized is keeping them from causing any kind of pain. 

Earbuds individually

Now, as far as you guys that like to use your earbuds individually you’ll be happy to know that you can use either the left or the right. 

And the microphones on here actually do a very good job especially considering that it’s ipx7 rated because usually the higher the IP rating it usually affects microphones because of the coding that the earbuds have to have. 

But I think they do an excellent job of picking up the voice and blocking out a lot of the surroundings now on Amazon it says it will block around ninety to 95% that may be a little overkill. 

But I still think they do an excellent job but you guys can be a judge by listening to a test here. 

Sound quality

The sound of these was where it was really surprising because not only does it have a dynamic sound with very punchy like thick bass and very bright clean treble it also has some air and spaciousness and a sound. 

So it doesn’t feel like it’s being crammed right there in front of you it doesn’t feel like to just large speakers. 

There actually feels like there’s quite a bit of distance in what you’re listening to which is surprising to have distance but also be able to feel that kind of impact and base. 

Battery life

Now, as far as the charging cable I am happy to say that it is a USBC cable and the battery life on these are very impressive. 

Because on an individual charge the earbuds are going to get around eight hours of battery life wherewith using the case you’re going to get around a total of 40 hours. 

Now that beats a lot of the more expensive earbuds and it’s just nice to have in a pair that’s only 50 bucks. 

Base quality

The base on these what’s so surprising is it even has that low Rumble to it it’s kind of similar to the effect of having like a subwoofer in your car you know what a bit when base hits instead of just having that quick tight impactful hit you’re going to hit. 

And then also kind of feel it resonates a little bit and depending on what genre you listen to it’s really nice to have that. 

But it also seems as though these earbuds kind of cater to what you’re listening to as well because there are some genres where obviously having that resonating bass isn’t going to fit and it seems to just calm itself down. 

now obviously I don’t think it’s doing that on purpose but I think when there are frequencies that are that low that is purposely being thereto hit in that way it knows when it’s there and it knows when to accentuate that so the bass is excellent these. 

And the same thing kind of goes for the treble is tuned up in a way to where you’re able to hear all of these subtle details. 

If you turn it up really loud it can actually get to the point of being very very bright but it never gets to the point of being too harsh you don’t start to hear hissing in higher frequencies. 

it’s very clean it’s very detailed and I think the only frequency I would like to see a little bit is done with are the mids. 

Now I think the mid sounds great I don’t have any problem hearing the vocalist I don’t have any problem hearing details. 

But when you’re listening to stuff for the bass is tuned up the way it is and the trebles tuned up the way it is I think you would just like to have the mids pushed a little bit more forward 

Sound stage

Now as far as the soundstage and sound imaging like I said earlier there is a lot of space in the sound so it definitely feels like you’re in a larger room listening to the band play as far as the detail. 

And instruments for the most part it does a great job you’re able to hear where things are coming from. 

again I think this is where if the mids were pushed a little bit more forward you would be able to pick a part a little bit more detail but again I feel like that’s kind of nitpicking considering the price. 

Touch controls

Now as far as your controls these do utilize touch controls and I’m happy to say that they control everything your play your pause skipping your tracks Ford going backwards. 

Anything that you want to do you doesn’t have to pull out your phone to control the volume or track controls this is very nice at all times to have those controls on the earbuds. 

My cons

Now as far as my cons really it just goes back to the fact that I wish there was a little bit more boost in the mids other than that I don’t have any complaints. 

one because they’re $50 but two because of the battery life and the IP rating and the way that they’re actually able to get decent quality out of the mics along with some very impressive sound there’s not really much you can complain about at $50.00. 

So overall I think the Talon X and Liberty 79 is kind of one of those easy pair to recommend not only because of the price. 

Taotronics Sound Liberty 79 True

Wireless EarBuds 

  • Waterproof
  • Charging Case
  • Good sound quality
  • Good build quality
  • USB Type C


The features are going to please a lot of people but guys thank you so much for checking out this article thank you so much for checking out all the other articles and as always make sure to stay tuned for more.